A Peaceful Place in the Midst of a Thousand, with a Red Tile Roof Floating in the Sky and No Door in Sight

The house is a combination of design style in traditional Vietnamese architecture and Tay Nguyen stilt house. In particular, the house has no door, all spaces are transparent, connecting with the outside nature.


The house with an area of 50m2 is located in a 400m2 garden house of a family in Buon Ma Thuot city (Dak Lak) built by the owner to be used for receiving guests, as well as a place to relax and rest for the family. member. The project was completed by architects Le Viet Hoi, Nguyen Van Duc, and Nguyen Ngoc Thien in 2020.

The group of architects called this project “The canvas house”. The canvas house is a transitional space, a place to welcome guests, attend parties or relax along with the main house, often found in the southern land area, like the wing of the Vietnamese people in the Northern Delta. The wing is a part-time space, extending from the main house.

The house is a combination of a veranda in traditional Vietnamese architecture and a house on stilts in the Central Highlands. In particular, the house has no door, all spaces are transparent, connecting with the outside nature.


The veranda is an extension between the interior space and an extension, connecting with the outside space.


The traditional architecture of the Central Highlands is clearly reflected in the floor of the living room which is higher than the ground. The spatial structure from the ethnic stilt house has a medium height, relaxed, a few steps will lead to a place to gather, drink tea and receive guests.

The building has almost no “facade” in the usual style, but behind the beveled wall when passing the fence gate, a “section” reveals the structure showing the true nature of the place. A green path leads to the house.

The open design helps the view of the homeowner not be limited by the fixed walls, the rooms are open to the outside natural space, bringing a spacious and airy feeling. The open space also helps family members communicate with each other easily and comfortably.

The small aquarium at the foot becomes the “lungs” of air conditioning, and at the same time gives people peace and tranquility.

Old materials and modern materials have a harmonious intertwining. There is also a glazing system on the roof. The red tile roof terrace is a familiar design of the former Vietnamese rural house. The edge of the eaves is within reach of your hand if you want to touch the tile. This design also avoids being hit by rain in the interior space. The roof system is developed along the land, parallel and open towards the main house of the owner to increase the connection between the two spaces.

The tarp house has a separate toilet area from the main house, a coffee and tea counter to receive guests, a tea room or can rest for the owner. Every space is mobile and flexible, without framing a clear functional space.

On the roof, there is a curved boat-shaped terrace, creating a soft contrast with the long eaves of the building. The owner wanted to design a terrace used for incubation and sun drying tofu, but when completed, this place becomes a multi-purpose place, which can be used for relaxation of all family members.

The wood used in the construction is mostly old wood, which is reused. The advantage of this wood is that after a long time of use, there is stability and shrinkage. At the same time, the time color of the material increases the rusticity and simplicity of the work.

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