Abandoned Dog Is Always There: Waiting For The Owner To Return For 3 Years In Vain (Video)

In recent days, thousands of Korean netizens have simultaneously shared the story of the loyalty of a dog named Boksil. Despite being abandoned for 3 years, Boksil is still waiting for the owner to return. This heartbreaking story was broadcast on SBS’s “Animal Farm” in March, and received much sympathy from the audience. The dog that was abandoned for 3 years is still waiting for its owner, but its owner is not to blame as people think The story of Boksil the dog was broadcast on SBS’s “Animal Farm”. For the past 3 years, the dog Boksil has always been alone in a long abandoned house. That’s where he used to live with the previous owner. According to neighbors, the former owner of Boksil was an elderly woman. Boksil was not originally a pet of the grandmother’s family. In a time when he lost his owner, he wandered on the road and met an old woman. Being caressed and lovingly by her grandmother, he decided to follow her home and since then he has been adopted by the kind old woman.

Boksil dog 3 years still waiting for its owner. The people living around here all share that the old woman loves Boksil like a child, takes care of him every piece of food and sleep, and always hugs the dog everywhere. They just loved and relied on each other to live like that, until the day of separation came. The old woman’s Alzheimer’s disease worsened, forcing her to be hospitalized to receive treatment. That was also when Boksil was reluctantly left alone. Fortunately, the good neighbors took care of the dog for the old woman the whole time.

Boksil and the former owner used to be inseparable, but now only Boksil remains in the abandoned house. However, the dog still has not had a day to ease the longing for the old owner. Day after day, Boksil stood silently on the road in front of the house, eyes constantly watching the people passing by to look for the old woman’s figure. The next night, he lay alone, cold and alone in the empty house. When contacting the old woman’s family, the production crew of “Animal Farm” was heartbroken to learn that she not only suffered from dementia but was also paralyzed on one side of her body after undergoing a brain haemorrhage surgery. . Now, the old woman can’t even live and take care of herself, so of course she can’t take Boksil back to take care of her like before. The separation without knowing the reunion date of the dog Boksil and the old woman has taken away many tears of viewers.

Boksil waits every day for its owner on the road in front of the house. Currently, the video about Boksil’s story has received nearly 500,000 views as well as more than 26,000 emotions from Facebook users, Most of the comments below the post expressed sadness at the thought of their feelings. feeling lonely and waiting in vain of the little dog. However, because the video on Facebook was only a trailer before the show officially aired and did not mention the old woman’s illness, many viewers were unaware of her pitiful plight and the reason why. she had to leave Boksil alone.

“Dogs absolutely never betray. I hope that if the old woman is still healthy, please come and pick up Boksil after watching this show. The dog will be very happy.”

“The dog’s former owner suffered from dementia. Possibly in the early stages of the disease, she raised and cared for Boksil, but later, due to the serious illness, the family had to rush to bring Boksil to the hospital. She went to the hospital. That’s why Boksil was left alone.”

“Every time I see this clip, I cry. I will make a lot of money and bring back all the abandoned dogs.”

“Even though I don’t fully understand the situation, I can feel how the old lady is a warm owner and has given that little creature a lot of love and memories. Even though it’s just a dog, it must be a dog. He must have known that very well. Because he believed that the old woman would come back, the dog waited like this. will come back and hug me”, and so patiently wait.”


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