Abandoned In The Woods With All The Furniture, The Dog Waiting For Someone To Notice Its (Video)

Hank was just 8 months old when he was discovered in the woods by a kind stranger, but he didn’t look like a puppy at all. Instead than rushing about the forest, the lonely dog sat perfectly still on an abandoned dog bed, completely unaffected by the stranger approaching him.

His expression indicated a desperate desire for rescue, surrounded by his old toys and a sealed bag of dog food that he couldn’t open.

The Good Samaritan contacted their local animal shelter, who quickly deployed staff members to the site to rescue Hank. They were feared that because he was in survival mode, he might turn violent during the rescue, but they were pleasantly pleased to find that he had a different personality.

“From the minute they acquired him, he was nothing but love,” Rosa Fond, founder of Humans and Animals United, told The Dodo. “Everyone says he’s the cutest puppy.”

After rescuing him, shelter workers took Hank to the vet, where they discovered he had a fractured leg. Doctors believe Hank sustained this damage for than two weeks before being rescued.

They claimed he never moved from his bed in the woods because of this. It was just too painful.

Hank’s injuries necessitated major surgery, so the shelter turned to Humans and Animals United for assistance.

Fond agreed immediately to take him into their care and provide him with the medical attention he need.

She transported the puppy to a nearby veterinary hospital, where he is presently being treated. Hank’s life-changing operation is coming up shortly, but he has to gain some weight first. Meanwhile, he enjoys the regular love and cuddles from the veterinary team.

Hank has received several adoption requests since Humans and Animals United posted about him on their Facebook page, but Fond says no one has been chosen yet.

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