Barca ‘green light’ for Man Utd to sign De Jong?

Barcelona is unlikely to welcome any new recruits in the summer of 2023. La Liga president Javier Tebas confirmed: “So far, Barcelona does not have any budget to spend in the upcoming transfer window.

We have ruled that they cannot buy more players.”

In the case of Barcelona, the proposed option is to reduce spending on wages and transfers from 650 million euros to 450 million euros. Their budget is negative 200 million euros.

 Many players are likely to have to leave Barcelona.

According to The Sun, Barcelona is likely to have to push away 10 players to stabilize the economic situation before the new season. Raphinha and Robert Lewandowski even risk having to part with the Camp Nou even though they have just joined the club.

Of these,  Frenkie de Jong can bring huge amounts of money to Barca. Notably, Man Utd was confirmed to return to buy De Jong. At that time, the possibility of the Catalan club will give in.

In addition, Samuel Umtiti, Clement Lenglet, Alex Collado, Sergino Dest, Ansu Fati and Ferran Torres could also leave the Camp Nou.

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