Cats Befriend Rescue Pot-bellied Pig, Now He Thinks He’s Part Feline

When Jennifer Gillispie went to a local shelter to pick up a cat, she came across a pot-bellied pig that needed rescue too. His name is Porker Pigglesworth.

She knew right away that she had to take him because her rescue has a perfect place for him.

Porker is three months old, weighing 30 pounds. Soon after his arrival at the Here Kitty Kitty Rescue farm in Elkhart, Indiana, he was greeted by the feline residents there. One after another, the kitties gave him proper introductions with nose kisses. Porker was also welcomed by another rescue pot-bellied pig, Hamilton and two Pygmy goats, Juliet and Caesar.

“He was not accustomed to the bitter cold temperatures of the Indiana weather so we decided he could take shelter in the rescue with the cats until he was neutered and grew bigger,” Jennifer told Love Meow.

Soon after Porker settled in, they discovered just how much he adored his feline friends.

“Porker loves the rescue cats. The cats think he is one of the residents. We have a kennel with the door open so he feels like he has a spot of his own to sleep but has the ability to cruise around the rescue when he wants to,” Jennifer told Love Meow.

“We often find the kitties take a nap with him in the crate and eat side by side as he chooses to sometimes snack on the cat food.”

One of the cats has taken quite a liking to Porker. “Pippi wants Porker to be her friend so she has decided to do pig like things and even eat his food and drink his water.”

Meanwhile, Porker wants to be a cat and eat cat food and sleep on cat beds.

“Many people think pot-bellied pigs are so cute and get them as babies to keep as a pet for their home. Unfortunately they grow fast and often become destructive so around the six month stage owners give them up to the shelter,” Jennifer told Love Meow.

A rescue cat cuddles up to Porker, sharing nap time together.

Kyra, one of the donors, brought new beds for the kitties. Porker was so excited that he made himself comfortable in one of the beds, snuggling in just like one of the cats.

“Porker is only six months old and will soon be able to join his big brother Hamilton once the weather breaks in the Spring.”

But for now, Porker is enjoying his time with his feline friends, doing cats stuff.

Snack time!

Play time!

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