Coach Klopp: ‘Salah is the greatest of all time

Klopp added on BBC Radio 5 Live: “If people need proof that Mohamed Salah is special, then I don’t know. That’s not the case for anyone at Liverpool. He’s one of the players. the greatest of all time. Now he’s just a world-class player with a hunger to score. He works hard to become a good player. We all know that some top-class players. the world doesn’t have to do it or not do it, he has to and he does it. I’m really proud of him.”

Salah is the first player in Liverpool history to score in nine consecutive games at Anfield in all competitions and now has 100 goals at home for the Merseysode club. This is the third year in a row he has scored 30 or more goals in all competitions.

The minimum victory of Brentford recently helped Liverpool narrow the gap in points with the fourth-placed team, Man United, to 1 point but played two more games. If MU wins the match against West Ham and the match, the Red Devils will widen the gap to 7 points when the season has only 4 rounds left to close the curtain. This is what makes coach Klopp feel pessimistic.

”If MU wins two games in hand, they will create a gap of 7 points with us and it will be over. We don’t have a lot of chances in the race for the Top 4, but Liverpool will try to win the remaining rounds, “said the German strategist.

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