Dog Was Rescued From Slaughterhouse And Lived Happy To End (Video)

Saying goodbye can be a difficult task, and Hippo the stray dog and his rescuer offer a heartwarming example of this.

Despite his tumors and other signs of a difficult life, Hippo was too sick to be saved from death’s grasp. With everyone aware that his life was coming to an end, the girl who rescued him was able to provide comfort and care in his final hours.

But a 19-year-old girl named Sophiane Nacer, who is also the founder of Cayleb’s Kindred Senior Dog Rescue was determined to give the poor dog both love and affection before he finally went.

“Even if it was just for a day,” Sophiane, told TODAY, Hippo was going to have the best last day ever.

Sophiane adopted Hippo and brought him home from the shelter after the 5 day waiting period. The poor dog’s skin was painful to the touch. Sophiane wasn’t sure if Hippo could experience much of anything because he was in so much pain.

But all her doubts quickly faded when she saw his tail wag. The sick dog still had hope. He FOUGHT to feel love and happiness before he left this world.

So, Sophiane brought Hippo to Starbucks and bought him a Puppuccino, the famous chain’s secret menu item that dogs go wild for, which is merely a cup filled with delicious whipped cream.

Next day, Sophanie planned their next adventure and sent her dog to a dog parks so he experiences some play time. He loved every second of it.

After their little adventures, the dog has something to say to his kind owner, he was ready to go. He had the time of his lives along Sophiane but he was in so much pain and so tired he decided it was about time. Sophiane respected Hippo’s request, after the play park time she contacted a vet who specialized on euthanasia to come over.

It was a poignant moment to witness, but ultimately, it was for his own benefit. He was finally free from pain and suffering.

“We had a good day,” Sophiane said with a smile. “He really enjoyed it.”

He was granted eternal peace by his newfound best friend and mom. Sophiane was grateful that she was able to be by Hippo’s side before he passed away.

She was happy to give this pooch what he deserved and that was love. It’s definitely not a goodbye for her, but rather a “till we meet again.”

Let this be a wakeup call to all dog owners and those who plan on having one. Senior dogs need love as much as pups do. May all dogs leave this world with a happy heart, just like Hippo.

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