Emotive Images Aim to Promote Home Deliveries: A Photographer’s Perspective

The ρhοtοgraρher iпteпds tο ρrοmοte hοme deliveries with these emοtive images.

This photographer captures astounding images of domestic deliveries! The photographer is anxious to disseminate information about traditional childbirth. These intimate moments of a mother giving birth at home perfectly illustrate the difficulty of the process. The photographer asserts that hospitals can be antagonistic places if overworked medical personnel are unable to provide direct patient care. Tina is adamant that domestic natural deliveries are more practicable.

Following are images of Shivani Sinha during the birth of her son, Arin. You can also observe Lina Duncan, an American midwife who now resides in Mumbai and practices this profession full-time. Shivani labored for six hours while Lina assisted her by preparing an in-home pool for a water birth and assisting her throughout the process.

Tina states, “We have a tendency to believe birth is, and we are of the experience. Most of the birth anecdotes we hear from our friends and family and those depicted in the conventional media tend to elicit this response. There is, however, an alternative, and I believe it is one of the greatest secrets concealed from women today.”

Tina explains, “The purpose is not to disparage hospital birth because it can save lives, and it is true that high-risk pregnancies have become less frequent as a result of increased access to medical care. However, many ɪɴtᴇʀᴠᴇɴtɪᴏɴs, such as ɪɴᴅuᴄtɪᴏɴ of ʟᴀʙᴏʀ, ᴄ-sᴇᴄtɪᴏɴs, and ɪɴstʀuᴍᴇɴtᴀʟ ᴅᴇʟɪᴠᴇʀɪᴇs, are performed far more frequently than is healthy, necessary, or safe for women and their babies. Many women I know who gave birth for the first time in a hospital and for the second time with a midwife report that there is a world of difference between the quality of care and respect they received during the two experiences.


What has the response been? Tina explains, “After posting this, I’ve received emails from women asking if I know any midwives in Bangalore or Calcutta, but I do not. I believe that is a t. Even if we desire a distinct approach to childbirth, we do not know how or who will assist us. I hope that women will not only make informed decisions regarding their own deliveries, but will also actively participate in rehabilitating the contemporary birth culture in India, perhaps by becoming doulas or midwives themselves.”

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