Extraordinary Feat: Mother Beats the Odds, Naturally Gives Birth to 11 Children

True οr False: A mοther defies the οdds by giviпg birth tο 11 childreп пaturally.

A Facebook post with over 21,000 shares claims to contain images of a woman who gave birth to eleven children. The claim is supported by two photographic images: one depicting the famous merican “Octomom” who gave birth to eight infants in 2009, and the other depicting eleven babies delivered to separate mothers on the same day in India.

The claim from March 12, 2018, which was originally published on a Facebook page based in Nigeria, is gathering traction in Kenya. Facebook users are urged to rapidly write “God is wonderful” and share the post to obtain their favors.

A reverse image search of the image depicting saint alongside 11 infants reveals multiple articles about a mother giving birth to 11 children as far back as 2012.

A screenshot captured on April 10, 2019 of the Infants Are Adorable Facebook post

We examined the image’s background for additional clues. The group is depicted in front of an advertisement that reads “Tst Tu B t Sut.”

A more precise G s s of the same photo with the search term “tst tu s Sut” yields multiple articles u claims that a woman gave birth to eleven children in the western Indian city of Surat.

In fact, the photograph was taken following the of eleven infants on November 11, 2011 in Surat at an I Vt Ft (I.V.F) center. Nine months earlier, thirty women at the same institution. As reported by the Times of India, eleven of the couples wished their children to be delivered on the auspicious date of 11/11/11 and scheduled ts for the.

Αfter the birth, the I.V.F center posted the photos on the blog it was running at the time.

The second image depicts an American woman named Nadya Suleman, also known as Natalie Suleman, who is significantly expectant and viewed from the front and the side. In 2009, the media labeled Suleman “Octomom” after she gave birth to eight children, also through IVF ttt. She already had six children when she discovered she was expectant with octuplets.

Multiple deliveries are uncommon, and when they occur, the chances of the infants surviving are quite low. If an analogous event occurred, it would undoubtedly be chronicled by the media. There are several nonuplets (nine children born at once). There are no records of eleven children being born simultaneously. Therefore, the misconception that an Indian mother can have eleven children at once is a deception intended to people.

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