Former NBA Player Says Jayson Tatum Is On Track To Become One Of The Greatest Scorers In NBA History

Former NBA player says Jayson Tatum is on the MVP track this season.

With a record of 13-3, the Boston Celtics have emerged as one of the hottest teams in the NBA right now. Thanks to Jaylen Brown, Al Horford, and (of course) Jayson Tatum, the Cs are running the league’s best offense right now and appear poised to make a deep playoff run this spring.

While it’s a total team effort in Boston at the moment, Tatum’s excellence has been elevated to another level this season and his emergence as a tier-one star is a huge reason for Boston’s early success.

If you ask former NBA swingman Eddie Johnson, Tatum is the MVP favorite right now and is on track to become one of the greatest scorers this league has ever seen.

(via SiriusXM NBA Radio)

“This is his prime. This is officially his prime,” said Johnson. “He just figured everything out. He still needed something, right? What did he need? To finish at the rim. Now, he’s covered that. And now, he’s virtually unguardable. He is one of the reasons why it’s okay for a young kid to come into the NBA. Because he averaged 14 his first year, 15 his next year, 23, 26, 26.9, 31.9. He has improved every season he’s been in the league but everybody doesn’t do that. So, Jayson Tatum is special… this kid has turned out to be one of the best scorers and will probably go down as one of the best scorers in Boston Celtic history and NBA history.”

Between Tatum’s MVP play, Jaylen Brown’s two-sided dominance, and a deep list of talented scorers off the bench, it’s no surprise the Cs have been so good to open this season and there’s no sign of them slowing down soon.

Can The Celtics Make A Run To The Finals This Season?

It’s still too early to make any conclusions about the season, but the Celtics have looked a step ahead of everyone else so far. They have just been rolling on both ends of the floor, with Tatum leading the way in what has been the season of his young career.

The question is, is this sustainable? Obviously, this is close to the Celtics team we saw in the second half of last season and they were a tough team to beat. This year, with that squad plus even more threats, there’s no reason to believe that Boston can’t make a serious run.

Obviously, it will depend on Tatum and how far he’s able to take them.

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