Help: Exhausted And Lying On Side Of Croosing, Dog Begged For Help (Video)

Linda was a tiny puppy found by the side of a busy road. She was barely conscious and covered in dirt, flies buzzing around her.

Her little body was shaking, and she was barely breathing. It was clear that she needed urgent help, or she might not make it. A kind-hearted stranger saw Linda and knew that she had to do something to save her.

She carefully picked up the little puppy, wrapped her in a blanket, and rushed her to the nearest vet. The vet examined Linda and found that she was severely malnourished and had multiple injuries. It was clear that Linda had been abandoned and left to fend for herself.

Day 2: She is not crying anymore, her body temperature is stable now. After her bath ♥️ she is fighting to live !! The vet worked tirelessly to save Linda’s life, but it was touch-and-go for a while.

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Day 5: Linda was fighting for her life, but she had a strong will to live. The blood tests are not good but she is eating alone and she is standing up today !! Our little fighter !! She needed blood transfusion today !! The good thing is that she is eating alone ….please please fight !! A nice life is waiting for you !!!

Day 15: Small small small steps ….. she will need a lot of time to recover !! Please keep her in your thoughts!! Today she had her second blood transfusion…. fight my LINDA

Day 19: She slowly started to respond to treatment, and after a few days, she was well enough to go home with her rescuer. Linda’s transformation was remarkable. She went from a sick and helpless puppy to a happy and healthy dog.

Day 41: Her rescuer showered her with love, and Linda repaid her with boundless affection. She loved to play and explore her new surroundings, and her rescuer was happy to see her enjoying her new life.

Day 65: As time passed, Linda’s personality began to shine through. She was a playful and energetic puppy who loved to cuddle and snuggle with her human.

Her rescuer couldn’t imagine life without her, and Linda had found her forever home. Linda’s story is a testament to the power of love and kindness. She was saved by a stranger who saw her suffering and acted on her behalf. And in return, Linda gave her rescuer a lifetime of love and happiness. She may have started life as a little puppy on the side of the road, but she ended up as an angel in her rescuer’s eyes.

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