Hydroponic Gardening: 30 Plants That Can Thrive And Propagate In Water, Without The Need For Soil

We’ve finally found a solution for all of you who love indoor plants, but you just don’t have the time to care for, lubricate or even water them.

Below you will find a list of 16 aromatic plants and indoor plants that not only root in water, but plants that grow in water without a trace of soil, in a simple jar of water. It’s a method that takes minimal effort and creates incredible plants of artwork with the roots visible to your home.

Here’s how it works: Plants need water, oxygen, nutrients and support to grow upright to grow. Traditional plants cover the last two needs of the soil. But what if instead of soil you give your plants nutrient-rich water and a narrow-necked vase for support? Then as a magic you get your own “garden”.

Ficus lyre, rosemary and geraniums in water – without soil, have taken root and is so beautiful that constitute the central pieces in the dining room.

And even better: This method eliminates the major causes of plant deaths: excessive or less than watering. Also without soil, your plants are much less likely to have problems with diseases or pests. Let instead of daily maintenance, you simply refill the water once a month.

How to do it:

Pick a plant that takes root in the water (below you will find a list of some of the most recommended plants), and cut a sprig just below a leaf where the natural rooting hormone is active.

While the graft is still fresh, place it in a glass container with water. Choose a container with a white neck or bowl that will support the top of the plant. Because the new plant will receive all the nutrients from the water, the type of water is important here. Use bottled water rich in ingredients instead of tap, from which the ingredients have been removed by filtration and chlorination.

Usually after 2 weeks you will see the first signs of rooting on your new plant. When the water in the jar drops, just fill it with bottled water

Which plants grow in water:Herbs:


Indoor plants:

GeraniumPhilodentroNice or otherwise Nice leafFig lyrateBegoniaEnglish ivyChlorophyll or otherwise spider plantKrasulaSwordfish or otherwise Lily of peaceTelegraph, this fantastic purple plant

After a few weeks, some of these plants such as geraniums may even bloom.

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