Injured Stone Zebra King Of The Jungle: Brave Mother Saves Infant From Lion Assault (Video)

The accompanying footage, showing a mother zebra rushing to the rescue of her foal under attack by a female lion, might be difficult for some to watch.

But the footage, captured by Mmbangiseni Milton Tshiolol in South Africa’s Kruger National Park, appears to have a happy ending in that momma zebra’s furious charge – and kick to the lion’s head – persuades the stunned predator to at least temporarily abandon its hunt.

The footage, shared Wednesday to the Kruger Sightings Facebook page, appears to have been captured from a photo safari vehicle.

Tshiolol, at the time of this post, had not responded to an inquiry by FTW Outdoors.

Reads one of the top comments: “Absolutely amazing, the strength of a mom’s love for her young.”

Reads another comment, pertaining to concerns over the baby zebra’s possible injuries: “That young foal will be fine, have seen throat holds that lasted twice as long and they survive without more than a bruising.”


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