Kind Woman Rescues Abandoned Puppies In Trash Cans (Video)

The poor puppy you see in this plastic tub was found recently on the side of the roadway in Columbia, Maryland, the cover was removed before the picture was taken.The pit bull pup was only ten weeks old and left for dead. Jill Eberhart and her boy, Thomas, saw the huge container sitting on the side of the road and thankfully chose to see what was inside.

I can not imagine what they felt when they saw the emaciated puppy curled up in there.

While they waited on animal control, Jill and Thomas gave the puppy some water.

The puppy was soon named Eddy and is being taken care of by Taylor Hawkins, an animal control, and animal handler.

Hawkins took Eddy home with him every night to provide him his medications (and much needed TLC).

Eddy got stronger and stronger daily– look at him now!

He doesn’t appear like that poor creature we saw huddled in that plastic tub any longer!

Oh, those floppy ears!

The best part of Eddy’s tale is that he has actually been adopted! The investigation into that left Eddy on the side of the road continues.

The cruel person(s) who did this requirement to be found and punished.

Concerned, law-abiding citizens with info about the parties responsible are being asked to all Howard County Animal Control at 410.313.2780.

Be a voice for the animals and children in your area.

You can make a difference by standing up and reporting suspicious activities you see in your neighborhood.

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