Let’s turn body defects into highlights with artful scar tattoo

Besides the methods of fighting and overcoming scars, have you ever thought about turning your body defects into a “picture” full of intentions?

Many people often think “how ugly it would be if I had scars in that spot like him, her”. However, if that’s the case for you, why not try moving toward a more optimistic solution? From the endless scars left on the body after an accident or surgery, talented tattooists can turn them into excellent works of art.

“Carving” on the scars themselves will probably be an interesting solution that can erase all self-doubt about appearance defects. Take a look at the “works of art” below, you will have a completely different view of the scar as well as the story of the intention behind it.

Although there were no injuries to his head, 29-year-old father Josh Marshall decided to get a tattoo identical to his son’s scar. He wanted to encourage the boy to overcome his low self-esteem after he had a brain surgery even though he was only 8 years old.

The wound has been carved deep into the flesh, but we can still “heal” it.

Even the appearance of a burn scar with such a large area cannot make you any less cool.

Patchy red spots on the skin can completely be transformed into bright red flowers. Who would have thought it would be this beautiful?

Even though you’re not as lucky as other women to have a mastectomy, you’re still beautiful in a very unique way.

If you can’t get rid of stretch marks after pregnancy, have you ever thought of turning them into a flower cluster like this?

To cover the scars caused by stretch marks, a tiger with wonderful colors was created by the talented hands of the tattoo artist.

The uneven cuts on the hand suddenly turned into a few sketches for the image of a night owl.

The disability of one arm also did not reduce the optimism in life in this man. A smart and brave dolphin tattoo shows up on the stump, why not?

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