Liverpool value quality backup star

Tottenham Hotspur are looking to replace veteran goalkeeper Hugo Lloris, who has made a number of mistakes this season. Spurs still have Fraser Forster, but they don’t trust this goalkeeper enough, so the club begins to act on the transfer market.

According to the Irish Independent, the north London team will compete with Brighton and Brentford for the signature of Liverpool’s Caoimhin Kelleher. The fee that Tottenham is likely to spend has been revealed.

Sources from the Daily Mail confirm  Liverpool will be willing to sell people if they receive an asking price of about 20 million pounds . The Kop has a reason to scream like that because the 24-year-old player has a contract until 2026.

 Kelleher could leave Liverpool.

The Cork-born star is said to want to start regularly to increase his chances of making it to the national team. Kelleher has only made 20 appearances in all competitions, of which only four in the Premier League. Although he rarely played, every time he received an opportunity, Kelleher caught it very well.

Jurgen Klopp likes this goalkeeper and Kelleher once shone on the cup front. Kelleher once shone in the Carabao Cup 2022 final.

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