Liverpool’s Owпer Bids Farewell: Faпs Sυrprised by His Next Move

Since arriving at Liverpool, Roberto Firmino has always been considered one of the most important players of the team. The Brazilian striker has received a lot of trust from coach Jurgen Klopp. However, this season, injuries and poor performance made Firmino unable to compete for a starting spot with the team’s rookies.

Facing that situation, there have been many speculations about Firmino’s departure as soon as this season ends. In fact, the Anfield team is said to not extend the number 9 further. Therefore, it is likely that the once-time god of Liverpool will leave the team in the form of a free transfer.

Recently, the Daily Mail has revealed that Barcelona is the team that closely follows the situation of the star born in 1992. Even the two sides are said to have reached personal agreements on a free contract next summer. Therefore, if no variables happen in the near future, Roberto Firmino will wear the Barca shirt and team up with Lewandowski, Raphinha or Dembele.

With Barca, this could be a right move for them in the context that this team is facing a lot of financial difficulties. Therefore, recruiting free agents will be a move to help them “save” a considerable amount of money.


Currently, Roberto Firmino is enjoying a salary of 180,000 pounds a week at Anfield. Also according to the Daily Mail, the Brazilian star will also enjoy the same salary if he arrives at Camp Nou this summer.

Firmino joined Liverpool from Hoffenheim in 2015 for £29 million, which was not a small number at the time. After 8 years with Liverpool until now, Firmino has experienced all kinds of bitterness and sweetness and he has also won almost every trophy at club level. After 360 appearances for The Kop, Firmino has pocketed 109 goals.

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