Los Angeles Lakers Injury Report Against San Antonio Spurs: LeBron James Is Questionable, Anthony Davis Is Probable

By the looks of it, LeBron James might sit out when the Los Angeles Lakers host the San Antonio Spurs on Sunday. He didn’t suit up in their recent clash against the Detroit Pistons, and the think-tank might consider giving the veteran a rest for another game.

James sustained a left adductor strain during the team’s loss to the Los Angeles Clippers, and it was reported that he would miss at least two games to focus on recovery. This also includes his foot issues that have been persistent since the start of the season.

Led by Anthony Davis’s consecutive 30+ point nights, the Lakers have managed to win two games in a row, and that perhaps may have prompted the side to give James more room to recover. After all, a healthier version of him will add more firepower to a side that’s showing promise of what it can do.

Ahead of the Lakers’ Sunday skirmish against the Spurs, here’s a look at the injury report.

Lakers Injury Report Against The Spurs: LeBron James Is Questionable, Anthony Davis Is Probable

The Lakers’ two biggest stars have found themselves on the injury report since the start of the season, but have suited up for most games. While a probable miss against the Spurs makes it four games that James hasn’t suited up for this season, Davis has been a regular fixture.

It’s unlikely that Davis will sit this one out. LA’s next string of games gives them a chance to add more wins under their belt, even though one of them is against a stern Phoenix Suns side. The return of Dennis Schroder and Thomas Bryant gives them some much-needed reinforcements.

According to ESPN’s updated injury list, Davis was listed as probable. James and Juan Toscano-Anderon (back) were listed as questionable. Max Christie and Cole Swider will miss the game against San Antonio.

The Lakers will most definitely need James against the Suns, who are placed fourth in the West. So it makes sense if they want their superstar to get another day’s rest. The Spurs are no pushovers, but their 6-11 record and their four-game losing streak make Los Angeles favorites to win the contest.

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