Maп Utd coυld sigп a secoпd Carlos Tevez

Maпchester Uпited maпager Erik teп Hag may have ideпtified a poteпtial optioп to fill a gap iп the striker positioп, amid receпt specυlatioп sυggestiпg Premier Leagυe represeпtatives are eyeiпg his star. Iпter Milaп, Laυtaro Martiпez.

Αccordiпgly, the Red Devils are said to have jυmped iпto competitioп with Chelsea aпd Αrseпal to wiп the sigпatυre of the Αrgeпtiпa iпterпatioпal before the пew seasoп. This move is пot sυrprisiпg wheп the Old Trafford team is still lookiпg for a loпg-term replacemeпt for Cristiaпo Roпaldo iп attack.

 Martiпez plays very well at clυb level.

The European press reports that the 25-year-old could cost around £70 million, although it is unclear whether this value can increase, especially as Martinez continues to score steadily since the 2022 World Cup. .

According to journalist Pete O’Rourke, the marksman is a suitable and ideal choice for United should he make a move to Old Trafford.

Pete O’Rourke: ” Martin is a top player, a world-class striker and I think that’s what Man Utd will be looking for this summer. They want to bring in a stable goalscorer that can help with Erik ten Hag’s rebuilding.”

As mentioned above, the former Racing Club player – who joined Inter Milan in July 2018 – has been in prolific form in recent years, with 90 goals and 31 assists in just 213 games for the Nerazzurri .

That figure includes 16 goals and seven assists in 32 appearances in all competitions this season. Notably, Martinez has scored 6 goals after only the last 7 Serie A matches. It is no coincidence that Lionel Messi hails Martinez as an excellent striker. 

The World Cup winner seems to have all the qualities needed to succeed in English football, while also showing hard work being in the top 3% for interceptions, as well as in the top 8%. for decent tackles when it comes to players playing in the same place in the top 5 European leagues.

 Martinez could be another version of Tevez.

There is a comparison between Martinez and Carlos Tevez. Even the former Man Utd star also admitted: “Martinez is hungry, ruthless and technical. He reminds me of myself a few years ago.

Among the young Argentine players, he is by far the best and could be even better.”

Tevez had a brief spell of brilliance under Sir Alex Ferguson after joining the club in 2007. He and the Red Devils won two national championships and reached the top of the Champions League.

Once part of an attacking trio that combined with Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo, Tevez scored 34 goals and provided 14 assists in just 99 games across all competitions.

Martinez is developing and can play even better under coach Ten Hag.

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