Mac Allister closed the door to his junior’s Liverpool

Moises Caicedo is becoming one of the hot targets in the transfer market right now. Only 21 years old, but the Ecuadorian star surprised the fans with a strong but equally calm performance.

Caicedo’s presence helps Brighton light up hopes of next season’s Champions League. Therefore, many big teams have begun to give him special attention.

 Caicedo is putting on an impressive performance.

Besides Arsenal or Man Utd, many sources believe that Liverpool also want to own Caicedo’s signature. But according to Football Insider, at the moment, the Merseyside team has “cooled down” when they found a more ideal goal .

The newspaper revealed, The Kop is particularly interested in Caicedo’s teammate at Brighton – Alexis Mac Allister. Negotiations between the two sides are going smoothly and the World Cup champion is ready to land at Anfield in the upcoming summer transfer window.

Coach Jurgen Klopp is said to be a big fan of Mac Allister. Therefore, he asked the upper echelons to quickly expedite the negotiation process to avoid being taken over by major rivals.

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