“Mahi Mahi”, a strangely colorful fish, nicknamed “Dolphinfish”

“Mahi Mahi” or “Dolphinfish” is a type of marine fish found in tropical seas. and warm regions around the world including in Thailand It also has a Thai name that Eto Mon fish from its appearance as well.

It is a fish with a long slender body, fine scales, a flattened body, a large head and a tapering body to the tail. The male has a protruding head similar to that of a dolphin. Making it called a dolphin itself. In addition, its bright colors are also another distinctive feature, with a blue-green color. to yellow and has dark spots all around

With a large body size ranging from 1 to 1.5 meters and also being a large number of fish gathered together to become one of the most popular fish in fishing as a sport. and the fisheries that catch them for cooking, especially in the Caribbean, Europe and Japan.




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