Male model with full body tattoo to cover scars

Kevin Creekman once had surgery to remove excess skin after losing a lot of weight. He tattooed his body to cover his scars. Kevin Creekman (born 1988) is from Lucerne, Switzerland. This guy has a passion for rock music and tattoo art.

Creekman spends most of his life topless. A series of photos showing off his toned body and impressive tattoo works made him famous online. Currently, the male model’s personal page has about one million followers.

Has a past of being overweight

According to Inked Mag, Kevin Creekman grew up in Bonn – a small city on the banks of the Rhine, Germany. When he graduated from high school, he was obese with a weight of 150 kg.

The male model shared, “At this point, you start to reflect on life, the path you’ve taken and where you want to go in the future.

I didn’t have many friends when I was in school. My teenage years were mostly spent playing games. While other teenagers gathered with friends for the evening, I got caught up in the game of ‘World of Warcraft’.

I also never had a girlfriend. I realized I was very lonely and would probably die alone if I continued like this.”

Kevin Creekman decided to turn his life around by losing weight. The male model applies a strict diet and exercise regimen. After a year, he successfully lost 80 kg.

“When I was 19 years old, I lost a lot of weight and got a completely new body. Still, I was ashamed of how I looked,” he recalls.

Creekman’s body fat has decreased significantly, but there is still a lot of excess skin in the previous fat accumulation areas.

The guy born in 1988 said: “The skin on my body is loose and stretch marks everywhere. My skin is in a very bad condition, especially the skin on my belly, it hangs down to the crotch. I still don’t. I don’t think I can go topless in front of other people.”

Efforts to change the body

Kevin Creekman started working out to increase muscle size and improve skin condition. This contributed to rekindling his love for weightlifting.

“Many years later, my body has improved. I spend all my time at the gym,” the male model shared.

The Swiss man found that exercise can’t make the loose skin disappear completely.

Kevin Creekman wants surgery to remove excess skin. However, health insurance companies refuse to cover the surgery. He himself cannot bear the expenses.

After graduating from college, Creekman worked as a social worker for several years. In the end, he saved enough money to perform surgery to remove excess skin.

In 2014, Kevin Creekman performed surgery to remove excess skin on the abdomen, back and sides.

After removing heavy layers of skin, the male model is about to end a nearly decade-long body transformation. He thought this was the last step, but still something was wrong.

Creekman said: “After the surgery, I hope to be more confident. However, the scars left behind make me feel embarrassed.”

The boy born in 1988 revealed the scars that greatly affected his life.

“I couldn’t even go topless. People around me asked what happened to my skin,” he said.

Want to be free in your own skin

Kevin Creekman decided to cover the scar with a series of artistic tattoos.

He explained, “Before I had surgery to remove excess skin, I tattooed both arms completely and had several tattoos on my chest. Covering the scar with a tattoo is a ‘win-win’ solution because I am a lover of tattoo art.

Initially, the male model wanted to get a tattoo to cover the scars that were not aesthetically pleasing. Over time, he gradually covered his whole body.

Creekman is fascinated by many large, sophisticated and eye-catching works.

He said: “Aesthetically, I’ve always liked tattoos that cover all parts of my body.

I never liked to collect small and single tattoo works.

Whenever I do a new tattoo project, I make plans with the tattoo artist to find the right work.”

In December 2018, Kevin Creekman moved to Los Angeles, California, USA.

Besides his main job as a social worker, this guy also composes music, works as a model, actor and personal trainer. His hobbies are bodybuilding, fashion research, the latest trends in men’s style.

Now, he is completely free to topless, posing in front of the camera as a model.

Kevin Creekman has romantic long curly hair. Instead of framing himself with the image of a gentleman in a suit, he presented himself as a California male model who likes to get tattooed and topless.

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