Man Finds Cat In His Garage While He Tries to Fix His Jeep But He Doesn’t Own a Cat

A man found a cat in his garage while he was fixing his jeep, but he didn’t own a cat.

Steve Hamel, a photographer, was in his garage working on his jeep at the end of last year, but unbeknownst to him, that day was the start of an interesting adventure.

While he was fixing the vehicle, minding his own business, he noticed that a cat had made her entrance. A long-haired ginger kitty with white mittens had joined him for the occasion. She strutted about and nonchalantly hopped on the jeep as if to offer some assistance.

“I’m just trying to fix my jeep. I don’t even own a cat,” he shared the story with Love Meow.

Steve had no idea where the cat had come from, but was quickly enamored by the friendly feline, who insisted on getting his attention and even climbed onto his shoulders for snuggles.

The cat stayed on his shoulders for a ride around the garage as if Steve was her personal chauffeur.

After taking a tour, she jumped onto a crane, surveying over the jeep, giving it a thorough inspection. The cat eventually settled on a tool box and claimed it as her makeshift bed.

Steve didn’t expect that he would get a little helper out of nowhere, when he came into the garage that day.

The cat didn’t come with a tag nor could they find a microchip, so they began asking their neighbors to see if anyone was missing a cat.

“If we are unsuccessful we will be keeping the cat. She is quite a love,” Steve wrote.

By then, Steve’s daughter had named the cat Sally, and their family were completely smitten with her. They got her some supplies and a new name tag.

“Sally loves to hang out on my shoulders and although she does have a full set of claws that make it painful to do this in the house, my work jacket makes it pretty comfortable.”

The word of the garage cat quickly got out to the masses after Steve posted the story on Facebook. A couple of days after they crossed paths with Sally, they were contacted by a family who recognized the cat.

“We found the owners. These lovely people were reunited with their beloved cat. They lived right around the corner from us and had many heart warming photos of the cat playing with their daughter,” Steve shared in an update.

“It felt good to reunite them even though it was heart breaking at the same time. Although I have a heavy heart, I know we did the right thing.”

The cat saga left a dent in their hearts and Steve began discussing the idea of adding a feline addition to their family.

“Since we had a cat shaped hole in our hearts, we decided to adopt,” Steve wrote.

“We wanted a tabby but this one stole our hearts. She’s super sweet and black cats are less likely to be adopted than other cats. We had already made a Sally tag, so this is Sally 2.0.”

Sally 2.0 felt right at home after she moved in, as if she had always been part of the family. They now have several dogs and a cat that rules the roost — a perfect blended family.

Steve had a surprise visit from an unexpected feline friend one day, and that little angel left some paw prints in his heart.

She led him to find a new family member that they never knew they were missing.

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