Man Utd may have discovered De Gea’s heir

Manchester United are likely to undergo a major change in goalkeeping position in the coming months, with David De Gea’s contract set to expire at the end of the current season. Recent signs suggest that this is entirely possible.

Not long ago, Manchester United activated the option to extend the contract until June 2024 with players Marcus Rashford, Diogo Dalot, Luke Shaw and Fred. In it, Man Utd will negotiate with Dalot, Shaw and Rashford about a long-term contract.

 Man Utd are looking for a replacement for De Gea.

Man Utd alone needs more time to reach an agreement with David de Gea on a new contract. According to Athletic, Man Utd wants to sign a new one, but on the condition that De Gea has to reduce his salary. He currently receives a salary of £ 375 thousand / week at Old Trafford.

Even Man Utd is ready to replace De Gea when needed. That is why, Man Utd soon eyeed a number of potential targets. Whatever happens, it’s clear that Erik ten Hag is looking for another goalkeeper, and the Old Trafford side have contacted Leeds United’s Illan Meslier.

Journalist Pete O Rourke asserted: “Meslier has different qualities than David De Gea, better holding the ball at his feet, can launch attacks from the defense better. Besides, Meslier is young and has The potential for growth is huge.”

The 22-year-old goalkeeper could certainly be a viable replacement for De Gea. He has played in England’s top league for the past 18 months and is still entering the prime years of his career.

Meslier has three years left on his current contract and is believed to be worth around £50m, according to The Athletic. Which means Leeds United are definitely not selling him for cheap. However, Meslier proved himself worthy.

 Meslier is considered a talented goalkeeper.

Last season, Meslier was the man to make the most saves (143) in the Premier League to help Leeds avoid relegation, and with a better defense at Old Trafford, the player may not have to pick up the ball as much.

Sofascore gives Meslier a 6.87/10 average score in 23 Premier League games this season. He makes 3 saves per game with a success rate of 64%, while making only 0.8 mistakes per game. Stats prove that Meslier is a stable and reliable choice in all situations.

Meslier averages 37.2 touches per game, slightly more than De Gea (35.2), partly reflecting the Leeds star’s perhaps better possession and ability to organize attacks. from behind.

Ten Hag will soon need a new goalkeeper, regardless of whether the 32-year-old signs a new contract with Man Utd or not. And Meslier could be the ideal choice for the club, especially as the player possesses huge growth potential.

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