Playground Tattoo’s Additional 30+ Ideas for Small Tattoos

Hi everyone! My last small tattoo ideas post was really popular on Pinterest, so I decided to put together this post with even more tiny tattoo ideas. Just like the other post, all of these designs come from Playground Tattoo in Seoul, South Korea. Like their bio says, they are known for thin, small, and simple tattoos. A lot of these tattoos are unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, so I hope you’ll enjoy them! And if you’re in the mood for more tattoos, check out this awesome book I came across recently: Bodies of Subversion – A Secret History of Women and Tattoo.

1.Cat on Colorful Moon Tattoo on Arm

Cat on Colorful Crescent Moon Wrist Tattoo

2.“You Only Live Once” Tattoo on Thigh

You Only Live Once Thigh Tattoo

3. 101 Dalmatians Tattoo on Arm

101 Dalmatians Arm Tattoo

4.Pinky Promise (“Forever on Your Side”) Back Tattoo

Pinky Promise Back Tattoo

5. Carousel Tattoo on Arm

Minimalist Carousel Arm Tattoo

6. Marge Simpson Tattoo on Leg

Marge Simpson Tattoo

7. “Say You Love Me” Tattoo on Arm

Say You Love Me Arm Tattoo

8. Hummingbird and Heart Tattoo Behind Ear

Hummingbird and Heart Behind Ear Tattoo

9. Cat and Music Note Tattoo on Arm

Cat and Music Tattoo

10. Winnie the Pooh Tattoo on Ankle

Winnie the Pooh Ankle Tattoo

11. Woodstock (Peanuts) Tattoo on Arm

Woodstock from Peanuts Arm Tattoo

12. Alice in Wonderland Tattoo on Back

Alice in Wonderland Back Tattoo

13. “You Make My Life Colorful” Tattoo on Arm

You Make My Life Colorful Arm Tattoo

14. “YOLO” Palm Tree Tattoo on Ankle

YOLO Palm Tree Tattoo

15. Cat Tattoo Behind Ear

Cat Behind Ear Tattoo

16. Ringed Planet (Mole Cover-Up) Tattoo on Arm

Ringed Planet Mole Cover-Up Tattoo

17. Video Game Health Hearts Tattoo on Arm

Video Game Health Hearts Tattoo

18. Turtle Tattoo on Arm

Turtle Wrist Tattoo

19. Tiny Flowers Tattoo Behind Ear

Small Flowers Behind Ear Tattoo

20. “Resilient” with Flowers Tattoo on Arm

Cursive Resilient Flower Tattoo

21. Universe Underboob Tattoo

Universe Underboob Tattoo

22. Mickey Mouse Glove Tattoo on Arm

Mickey Mouse Okay Glove Tattoo

23. “Pray” Tattoo on Hands

Pray Hand Tattoo

24. Lighthouse Universe Tattoo on Ankle

Lighthouse Universe Ankle Tattoo

25. Photographer Tattoo on Arm

Minimalist Photographer Arm Tattoo

26. Dolphin Tattoo Behind Ear

Dolphin Behind Ear Tattoo

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