Poor Dog With Half Face Necrosis Can Only Use 1 Left Eye To Ask For Help (Video)

Four puppies nearly died after tripping over tar that had spilled onto a garbage heap . The pups were so covered in the sticky goo and debris that only their eyes could move, writes fancy4work

Animal Aid Unlimited in India came to her rescue after receiving a call and revealing that when the first pup got into the tar and got stuck, she must have cried so hard it alerted the others .

The condition in which the puppies were found was shocking

His little brothers came to see what was going on, and they too got stuck in the horrible tar .

One puppy was covered in plastic rubbish and stones , all the debris was stuck to it by the tar.

She, like the other puppies, was completely trapped . The little ones were stunned with confusion, pain, fear and frustration.

Two of them were so thoroughly smeared that all they could move were their eyes .

Love and patience were stronger than this tragedy

The rescue was carried out in parts. First they found two puppies. They were immediately rushed to the shelter, and although they knew the cubs had a mother, they were unable to find her until the day after the rescue .

They went about the meticulous operation of washing the tar off the puppies . The delicate task took hours

In addition to tar, this pup was covered in plastic waste

You can see with how much care and dedication the Animal Aid Unlimited volunteers remove with their hands stones, sand, branches and other debris stuck to the body of the puppies. The tar had solidified around his body . His.

Although slight residues of the toxic substance remained on the fur of the little ones, the worst was definitely over .

Once the first two were ready, two others appeared in similar or worse conditions . One of them, as we said before, not only had stones and earth stuck to her body, but also plastic waste.

More than 3 days were necessary to save these kids

They worked a total of more than three days with the litter of 4 puppies . The kids were exhausted and saddened by their ordeal, but after the tar was removed, they soon perked up a bit.

When mom arrived to join her young, they were free of the poisonous tar and ready for food and love. What happiness to see these little ones in action again after going through such a traumatic experience!

Although there are still some tar stains on their skin, these little ones celebrate life with their mother

This rescue is harrowing, surprising, and has a most wonderful ending. Share it!

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