Recuse: Owner Cruelly Ejects Two Legged Dog From Home, Citing Disability As Reason For Shame (Video)

The book “With a Little Faith” immortalized the little dog’s struggle to overcome adversity, and he became a symbol of extraordinary perseverance.

His owner abandoned him since he was born with only two legs.

On Christmas Eve 2002, a little puppy with a birth defect was born in the United States. The dog has only three legs, one of which is shrunken and useless.

This could be the reason why her mother dog abandons her and refuses to give her milk. When the owner saw the puppy’s condition, which included only two hind legs and that its health was poor, he decided it couldn’t be saved and threw it out on the street.

Fortunately for her, a mother and daughter, Jude Stringfellow, noticed and cared for the little dog. The little dog eventually came to, but he was still extremely weak. At the time, everyone assumed that this poor dog would die.

As a result, many people suggested Jude Stringfellow give the poor little dog a euthanasia injection.

Jude, on the other hand, was adopted and raised by her family. At the same time, Mrs. Jude gave the little dog the name Faith, which means Faith. She is hoping that the little dog will keep her faith and perform miracles for her.

Faith’s two-legged trip

Faith struggled at first with a skateboard that Mrs. Jude had designed for her. For a long time, Faith had to move by leaning on her skateboard and pushing forward with her rear legs.

Mrs. Jude, on the other hand, taught Faith to stand erect with jumping exercises. Faith’s rear legs have been reinforced, making it simpler for her to stand erect.

After a half-year of hard training, Faith was finally able to stand up straight and run anywhere she wanted on her hind legs. Faith’s favorite location to visit is the park. The dog plays with everyone without fear or anxiety.

Faith’s ability to walk on two legs immediately makes her the focus of attention. Everyone was brought to tears after hearing Faith’s story and said that the small puppy had so much enthusiasm. That’s why Faith was so beloved and admired by everyone.

The small dog and his soul-healing abilities

Faith grew to stardom rapidly after being born with a birth defect and then learning to walk on her own. She appeared on a variety of television series.

Aside from that, other newspapers have covered this unusual dog. Faith has even published a book titled “With a Little Faith.”

After the war, Faith worked as a “healing psychologist,” assisting injured troops in coping with their mental trauma. At the same time, she is the one who inspires and motivates extremely ill hospital patients to combat disease.

Miss Jude Stringfellow eventually chose to quit her position as a teacher and tour the world with Faith. “Remember that even if you don’t have a great physique, you can still have a wonderful soul,” I want to tell everyone.

Hopefully, the story of this wonderful little dog will motivate us to have greater faith, work more, and never give up on our dreams.

This is comparable to the proverb “when God closes one door, He opens another.”

You can win everything if you can endure during that difficult moment.

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