Rescue: Abandoned Dog With Broken Legs Fitted With Sprains And A New Life (Video)

In Novosibirsk, veterinarians made titanium prostheses for all paws of a mongrel. Monika was found crippled near Krasnodar in winter.

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The famous Novosibirsk surgeon Sergey Gorshkov managed to put her on her paws. He told how he did it. We have prepared for you a video with a touching story of Monica.

How did Monica lose her legs?

Last year, on December 1, a crippled dog in the village of Plastunovskaya was found by Irina, a friend of animal rights activist Marina Gapich. The animal lay in the snow for two weeks. Passers-by fed her, but no one took her home. As a result, the dog was taken to the clinic in serious condition. The flαyers who cυt off Monica’s paws were never found.

– In the clinic, they formed a stump, did a CT scan. We turned to Sergei Gorshkov in Novosibirsk. We sent all the necessary examinations. They gathered the whole world for prosthetics, – Marina Gapich explained to the correspondent of the NGS.

The dog was prepared for operations for a year. She lacked weight, and her legs began to atrophy without load. After classes in the pool and rehabilitation, the animal was brought to Novosibirsk.

Operation in Novosibirsk

Monica was brought to Novosibirsk. At first, the prostheses did not fit her due to an incorrectly done CT scan. I had to redo.

– they put prostheses on cats, but never on dogs. She has rather crooked paws and there was a big risk that nothing would work out. But our attempts would not harm the dog in any way, – Sergey Gorshkov, a veterinary surgeon at the Best clinic, told the NGS correspondent. “It took about a month to prepare.

During the first operation, one prosthesis was placed in 1.5 hours, and a month later, three more paws were placed in three hours.

– She already leans well on them, given that she has not walked for six months since the injury. It is a good result that she is moving, albeit uncertainly,” the doctor added. “No one else in the world has such experience.

The dog should fully recover in 1.5-2 months, while he will be limping, although there is no rejection and problems in the paws.

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