SHOCKED: Leopard Gets Down In Blink Of A Long Beaked Anteater (Video)

Luke Massey (a photographer specializing in photography of big cats in the world) was lucky to catch a rare sight in the natural world.

The video he filmed this time shows an encounter between a jaguar and a giant anteater at the edge of a lake near Pantanal, Brazil.

Massey shared that this is one of the strangest encounters in the natural world that he has ever witnessed.

The giant anteater crawled out of the thicket to drink from the lake. Not long after that, the jaguar approached, strode silently toward the anteater and crouched for momentum.

Even so, the anteater is not an easy opponent for jaguars. If a jaguar tries to attack a marsupial in a lake, the marsupial will use its sharp and powerful claws to defend itself, causing the jaguar to be seriously injured or even fatally injured.


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