Thailand’s Startling Find: A Creature With A Buffalo’s Body And A Crocodile’s Head Unearthed

People living in a remote village in Thailand could not help but be confused and afraid when suddenly a monstrous creature “crocodile head and buffalo body” appeared. The animal has a body appearance with black skin and buffalo-like limbs and claws, but the strange thing is that it has scales and a head like a crocodile. According to local website Rath, the monster was born to a buffalo in Wanghin district in central Thailand’s Sisaket province. Before that, the mother buffalo gave birth to a litter of completely healthy calves.

The monster born of a buffalo in Thailand The animal died as soon as it was born. People in the area heard the news and rushed to see the strange creature with their own eyes. Although the process of formation of this strange animal is still not understood, the villagers still believe that the animal will bring them good luck. Instead of burying the animal, the villagers decided to keep its corpse for a while so that reporters, the Researchers wild animals can study.

Animals die as soon as they are born.

The animal has a body with black skin and buffalo-like limbs and claws.

The villagers believe that the animal will bring them good luck.

People flocked to see the child so strange.

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