Thrown Out Of Car In Middle Snow,Poor Dog Chased Its Owner In Vain Until He Collapsed (Video)

“Have you ever wondered what happens when a dog’s owners abandon her? Sits and observes. Waiting for her family to return.”

This week, residents in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, observed a highly frightened collie-like dog hanging around at a neighborhood park. She was alone in the cold weather, and she refused to allow anyone touch her.

Concerned for the dog, residents contacted Janine Guido, the founder of Speranza Animal Rescue, a well-known animal rescue organization in town.

“She remained in the same location, as though waiting for her family to return. They never did, although “Guido informed The Dodo. Guido was counting on the support of the community to discover and save the dog. People reported sightings to her in order to assist Guido in tracking down the dog.

It wasn’t easy, though.

“I was able to hand-feed her on the first and second days I went out,” Guido remarked. “However, if I tried to loop the leash around her, she would back up.”

Guido came so near, only for the dog, Carla, to become frightened and flee into the woods.

Meanwhile, Speranza’s Facebook page helped disseminate the news so that people might assist in locating the fearful puppy. “Ever wonder what happens to a dog abandoned by her owners?” Speranza Animal Rescue announced it on Facebook. “Sits and observes. Waiting for her family to return.”

Guido remarked, “The park was a densely occupied location.” “And she kept becoming startled because of all the people around her. She eventually fled the woods after being pursued by others.”

There was no trace of her on Wednesday, after two days of searching. And many began to get concerned.

Then, very early on Thursday morning, a call came in that Carla had been discovered sleeping under a rear porch. Guido was already on her way.

“I almost had her, but she spooked again,” Guido explained.

Carla bolted.

No one knew what to expect when Guido began streaming a live video on Speranza Animal Rescue’s Facebook page a few hours later.

Guide detailed her struggle in the last several hours as the camera was directed out the driver’s side of the car as it drove along a road.

Guido received another phone a few hours later, stating Carla had been seen again. The camera then shifts to the passenger seat, where Carla is sitting.

“We’ve got her! I’m overjoyed, “Guido stated in a live video. “Your new life has started. We adore you now that you’re secure.”

Guido told The Dodo how she eventually got a grip of this fearful and shy puppy. “I was able to get her to accompany me onto a porch,” she explained. “And because the two other ladies had blocked both doorways, she was unable to flee. I tied her up, and the rest is history.”

Guido learned Carla was 10 years old, had no microchip, and was 15 to 20 pounds underweight when he took her to the clinic.

“Nobody knows who she is. There are no missing police reports “Guido said. “Unfortunately, we believe she was dumped, which is why she was living in that same location.”

Carla was fatigued after spending days outside on her own. Guido stated, “She couldn’t keep her eyes open.”

Guido quickly set up a foster home so Carla could rest and heal in a safe, warm, and tranquil environment. Carla came late Thursday night.

She’ll be available for adoption when she’s ready.

“She’s so nice, but she’s so terrified,” Guido said. “But once she was in my car, she seemed to know she was secure.”

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