Touching Story: Emotional Change Of Pregnant Dog From Being Abandoned To Being Adopted By A Kind Family (Video)

When Jacks Anderson and his wife stopped for lunch, he noticed a man staring at him. It was a nice giant black pit bull named Poppy. The homeless dog stood on the sidewalk beneath the counter stools, watching them eat.On their way home after lunch, the couple noticed the homeless dog again. This time, they both noticed the dog’s huge pregnant tummy and decided they had to aid her in some manner.

“She never took her eyes off us, but she never approached us or asked for food,” Jacks told The Dodo. The owners of the stalls got out and pursued her along the pavement. She clearly ran because she was afraid ».

Jacks and his wife worked hard to earn the trust of the scared homeless dog and ultimately persuaded her to take some food from their hands. At that point, they decided to put her in the car.

“My wife took the leftovers, and I walked over to her to hand them off,” the man explains. She was quite apprehensive, but we could see some of her scars, so I understood why she didn’t want to take any chances.”

Poppy was relieved to be finally in a secure and pleasant environment after her time on the streets.

“We simply halted at that point to let Poppy to settle down a bit, but honestly, she was a lot calmer than I thought,” Jacks recalls. Poppy was weeping as I noticed filming my wife soothing her. I’ve never seen it in a dog before, and it definitely made an impression.”

The man and his wife took Poppy to the vet, where she was treated for fleas and parasites. Poppy, luckily, was in good health and was allowed to return home to her new family.

“Poppy spent her first days with us one by one,” Jack says. She slept most of the time and rapidly became used to the sofa. She got considerably more active in the previous day or two, showing interest in the other dogs and following me instead of napping.

When the couple first met Poppy, they intended to adopt her, but she has become a vital part of their family since moving into their home. The dog gets along with the couple’s other two rescued dogs, Nacho and Frida, and she looks to be the family’s missing piece.

Poppy’s pups, for their part, will stay with the family until they are old enough to be adopted and put in loving homes.

Finally, Jacks responded, “Poppy will stay with us.” We’re always learning more about her and building trust with her. I don’t want to put her through that again with someone else. She has earned a more direct way ».


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