Transform Your Home with a Luxurious White Chocolate Interior

Compared to pure white, white chocolate is now more popular thanks to its lightness, softness and ease of combination with natural materials.

Among many interior styles, minimalism is still favored by many people because it brings a sense of peace and relaxation. Homeowners pursuing this style often use neutral colors and natural materials to create a comfortable, sophisticated but not fussy space.

In the Minimalism rooms of the 1980s, the yellowish white color of the magnolia flower was often used. Over the past few decades, cool gray and white colors have been popular again, appearing on many minimalist interiors.

However, at present, white chocolate (ivory white) is the most trending. This color tone is said to be the perfect choice for a minimalist style, creating a clean, light feel.

Here are tips from Architectural Digest if you want to keep up with this color trend.


Chocolate white will create the most airy feeling when used in rooms with high ceilings or open doorways, designer Keren Richter shares.

If the house doesn’t have these architectural features, highlight the floors, moldings or doors. In addition, a room should have 1-2 focal points with shapes that attract attention when entering the room.

In addition, to make white less boring, you should choose furniture with interesting shapes and finishes, preferring handmade items instead of mass production, said Alizée Brion, Director of design firm Light on White (Miami, USA), said.


The furniture in the room can follow the same white chocolate tone, but their textures and materials must be different. For example, you can combine soft, luxurious silk with coarser sisal for contrast.

Susana Simonpietri, Creative Director at design firm Chango & Co. (Brooklyn, USA), recommends that you consider the totality of factors.

For example, when decorating the wall, see if you can put plaster or even use wallpaper.

Color combination

Not all neutral colors can be harmoniously combined with each other. So, when mixing white chocolate with beige or gray, you should be careful with variations of these colors.

The choice of accent color is also very important. A little pink on a warm white or blue background can destroy an ivory room, says designer Calla Cane.

Natural material

For a Nordic room, you can incorporate natural materials into the ivory white space.

It can be dark brown of walnut, light brown of rattan, terracotta color…

You can even add teal and malachite blue found in stone.In addition, the addition of green plants will help create accents and make the room softer.

Create depth

Classic items will add depth to a room with a dominant ivory color.

These items should follow a rich palette of wood tones or be made from a metal material like brass.

In addition, lighting devices and accessories will also help create balance and add accents.

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