Woman Claims This Cat Stole Her Husband, Provides Cute Photos To Prove It

Nasrin’s cat wants nothing to do with her, but Jarvis seems to have to touch her husband at all times. They’re inseparable.

Nasrin Hami never expected to lose her cat to her husband, but then again, 2020 has been full of surprises. Nasrin and her husband and their cat Jarvis have gone viral because Jarvis has decided once and for all that he wants nothing to do with Nasrin and instead has committed himself entirely to her husband. The cat will not leave his side, and he even gives Nasrin the stink-eye if she tries to get too close to his beloved.

Source: Facebook

Nasrin told Bored Panda that Jarvis is a good cat. He only eats cat food, he likes to sleep, and he loves to watch birds at the window. Jarvis’s other favorite activity? Playing and cuddling with her husband.

She said, “Jarvis is always loving and affectionate with my husband, and he acts the same way with me and is friendly with everyone who visits our home.” I’m glad that Jarvis is friendly with Nasrin because his facial expression certainly says otherwise.

I’m sorry, but that does not look like a cat who takes kindly to the person behind the camera. That might just be his breed, though. Those little folded ears of the Scottish Fold cat definitely make him look meaner.

Jarvis is six years old and Nasrin and her husband have had him for a long time. Even though he looks ornery, he is part of the family.

Now that Jarvis has gone viral, he’s gotten so popular that people have asked if he’s for sale. Nasrin makes it clear that he is definitely not up for adoption. I truly think that at this point, if you tried to tear Jarvis away from his best friend, you’d have a rogue, scratchy cat on your hands anyway.

Of course, being the object of a cat’s affection has its downsides. Just try getting work done on a laptop with a cat right there. Impossible. But I wouldn’t dare to try to move him. I have a feeling Jarvis goes wherever Jarvis wants to go.

OK I can’t lie; Jarvis is one cute cat. Even if he is a husband-stealer. Nasrin says that Jarvis literally follows her husband everywhere he goes and snuggles as close to him as possible. Her husband can’t eat, sleep, or work without Jarvis being right there.

Good thing her husband isn’t allergic to cats! According to Wikipedia, Scottish Fold cats “tend to become very attached to their human caregivers and are by nature quite affectionate.” I’ll say! If you want a cat that is literally incapable of leaving you alone, the Scottish Fold might be the cat for you.

Nasrin has posted many pictures of Jarvis on her personal Facebook page, but he also has an entire page of his own. At this point, Jarvis in an international star.

This might be the most heartwarming tale I’ve ever heard about an animal who straight-up stole a woman’s husband. Jarvis is clearly an affectionate, adorable cat who loves his owners (well, one of them at least) very, very, very much. Congrats to Jarvis for hitting the jackpot.

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