8 Puppies Cruelly Abandoned In A Trash Can Get A Second Chance

8 Puppies Cruelly Abandoned In A Trash Can Get A Second Chance

What kind of human being abandons small puppies?

What kind of creature separates them from their mom?

What type of monster would leave puppies in a trash can to starve from hunger and become drained from the unbearable heat?

That kind of monster doesn’t even deserve to walk among us.

These poor eight souls were tossed in a trash can as if they were garbage. Life had just started for them. Should it already end just because some man decided so?


Good thing rescuers found out about these pups and hurried to save them in time.

Puppies Didn’t Deserve The Trash Life

abandoned puppies lie on a blanket in front of the door
Source: YouTube

The whimpering and the screams were unbearable. My heart broke the second I heard them crying.

Eight tiny puppies were found in a trash can. It was boiling hot outside, so you can only imagine how they felt trapped in a metal trash can. It’s a pure miracle they survived the heat.

Exhausted, starving, and thirsty beyond every borderline, these pups were seconds away from disaster. 

But, when the help came, their suffering did not end immediately. The rescuers had to see what would happen to the pups later – would they survive after getting the treatment, or did the heat do irreparable damage.

Fortunately, time proved that these puppies had a lot of luck. They all survived the time spent in the trash can, and they grew stronger by the day.

eight abandoned puppies
Source: YouTube

They were eating well, playing, and enjoying the opportunity of finally being little puppies.

I can’t even imagine what would have happened if the rescuers hadn’t found out about that trash can of doom. The poor eight souls would have been gone forever. Eight angelic souls would’ve returned to heaven.

Please, don’t turn your head to the other side if you see a dog, especially a puppy, in need. If you can’t take them, there’s always a local shelter that will offer them a second chance.

So many stray dogs lose the battle against the heat every year. In a country as big as the States, there’s always a state with extreme temperatures. If you live in such an area, or if you’re facing a hot summer, there’s something you can do for stray puppers.

I recommend you check out these articles my colleagues and I wrote to ease the heat for dogs in need: 

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