A Dog’s Journey from Fear to Trust: The Impact of a Car Crash on His Life

A Frightened Dog Didn’t Like Being Around Humans After Being Hit By A Car

Life on the unforgiving streets is a heart-wrenching reality for countless stray dogs, where sadly, every day becomes a harrowing struggle for survival.

These vulnerable animals not only grapple with the constant absence of food and water, but also live on the edge, continuously dodging the danger that surrounds them.

The main character of this story – a little stray dog – was found roaming the streets of California after being struck by a car and severely injured. 

Although he was suffering from immense pain and desperately needed help, the poor guy was too terrified of humans to accept the rescuer’s help.

Meet Jack Skellington

photo of an injured dog
Source: Hope For Paws

Hope For Paws, an amazing animal rescue from Los Angeles, received an urgent call about a little dog who was hit by a car and severely injured.

After learning of the situation, Eldad, the founder of the rescue, went to find and help the injured dog.

Sure enough, there he was, visibly injured and wandering the streets in scorching heat. 

According to Eldad, the dog was roaming the neighborhood for several days, but he was scared and didn’t trust anyone. As soon as Eldad got out of his car, the poor dog ran away. 

After about 20 minutes of running, the dog finally slowed down. When Eldad threw him a piece of food, he started coming closer to him because he was so thin and hungry.

dog on a sidewalk
Source: Hope For Paws

He even ate from the rescuer’s hand! It seemed like he was going to finally let Eldad help him, but unfortunately, as soon as he saw the leash, he got spooked and ran once again.

“Even though he had a hairline fracture to his pelvis, a broken tail, and a painful injury to his thigh, he kept walking away from me. At one point he actually considered surrendering to me, but the Gentle Snare scared him, and I had to start all over again with gaining his trust,” Eldad wrote in his Facebook post.

Patience was key to this rescue. 

Eldad kept following him for an hour, hoping that the dog would somehow walk into an enclosed yard.

“Patience is the key in rescues like this – especially with dogs who understand they must avoid enclosed yards in order to avoid being captured,” Eldad said.

Looking For His Forever Home

injured dog standing in a bush
Source: Hope For Paws

After a lot of patience, food, and gentle pets, the dog allowed Eldad to pick him up and take him to a safe place.

As he picked him up, he immediately felt how skinny the pup actually was, so Eldad decided to name him Jack Skellington, very aptly for a Halloween rescue.

Although very scared, Skellington was such a sweet pup.

“I was alone and feared that in an attempt to put him in a crate, he would try to escape. I decided to make an exception and him sit in the passenger seat,” Eldad said in the video.

Skellington received a bath before his doctor’s appointment.

scared dog lying
Source: Hope For Paws

The same day, a veterinarian confirmed that he had a broken pelvis and tail. Skellington’s tail had to be amputated, but fortunately, his pelvis will heal without surgical intervention, said HFP.

He is slowly getting better, although still very skinny, but hopefully, with a proper diet, he’ll soon be as fit as a fiddle.

Despite his injury, Skellington is such a happy dog who is grateful to finally be safe. 

The SAFE Rescue Team from Huntington Beach, California quickly offered to foster Skellington and hopefully find him a forever home soon.

If you’d like to adopt Skellington or some other dog, please visit their website.

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