A Stray Cat Consoles An Abandoned Dog While He Desperately Waits For His Owner

A Stray Cat Consoles An Abandoned Dog While He Desperately Waits For His Owner

Sometimes, best friends are made at the unlikeliest places and at the most unexpected times. Those times are sometimes our darkest ones, too. A bond of friendship we forge during the most difficult period of our life becomes unbreakable and everlasting.

A beautiful friendship between a dog and a cat melted the hearts of all the people who heard of them. One of their admirers recorded a video capturing their wonderful and unique story.

Not only did we fall in love with these two abandoned animals, but they also taught us a lesson on compassion and empathy.

Waiting For His Owner

brown dog on the street
Source: Kritter Klub

The story begins when a senior dog owner and a resident of the apartment building was transferred to a retirement home.

Not knowing what had happened, his dog was left waiting at the front door of the building with a pensive expression on his face. Being so loyal as only dogs can be, he refused to leave the only place he called home. 

dog sitting on the street waiting for his owner
Source: Kritter Klub

The building residents noticed the dog who kept waiting at the building entrance, day after day. Every time somebody entered the building, the dog looked closely at the person’s face, hoping that one of those faces would happen to be the face of his owner.

The residents were very kind to him. They often approached him, fed him, and made sure he stayed healthy.

I’ll Be There For You

As he was waiting at the entrance, the dog couldn’t imagine that soon, his life would change for the better. A compassionate stray cat made up her mind to comfort him the best way she could.

As soon as she approached him, a bond was formed. Realizing that she knew how lonely he felt, the dog let her comfort him.

They were often seen hugging, and they spent a lot of time playing and cuddling with each other. Their friendship blossomed.

cat hugging a dog on the street
Source: Kritter Klub

Although the dog still kept waiting for his owner, he now had a new best friend. His face lit up and everything seemed much better than it was. He knew he was no longer alone.

When everything was quiet and there were no people around, the cat always appeared around the corner. Quickly climbing the stairs, she ran to reunite with her friend.

People loved them and fed them often. They even made them a small house, but the friends still preferred waiting at the entrance. Winter was approaching, and worried for their health, the building residents decided to contact an animal rescue.

A Happy Ending In Sight

It wasn’t easy to catch these two best buds. The rescuers set up a catching net, using treats to lure them in. First, they rescued the cat while her friend looked on from a distance and started barking in protest.

At first, the dog successfully avoided getting caught, but eventually, he was rescued, too.

According to the residents, the dog had spent six months waiting for his owner to return. All the residents who knew these two best friends were glad that they were finally taken care of and that they would soon find their forever home.

Both the cat and the dog had a health checkup, and they were found to be in good health, thanks to the good people who took care of them.

Although the residents hoped they would be adopted together, it wasn’t destined to happen that way.

Still, both of them got their happy ending, finding their forever families. Their owners made sure these two best buds saw each other very often.

They saved each other. If it hadn’t been for their unique and wonderful friendship, perhaps they wouldn’t have found their forever families, proving once more that everything happens for a reason.

Cats and dogs are wrongfully considered mortal enemies. They may speak different languages, but they’re capable of understanding and interpreting each other’s intentions. (1) This story proved they can even be best friends.

Witness the unbreakable bond between these two best friends and watch their video here.

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