A Touching Story: A Dog’s Inspiring Life with a Brain Abnormality

Canine companions who face disabilities and health issues often experience challenges. Sadly, some pet owners opt to abandon or put them down as they find it inconvenient to provide adequate care. Nevertheless, if a dog is not in pain, it deserves a chance to live life to the fullest and receive love like any other furry friend. Fortunately, one disabled dog was given another shot at life and is currently thriving. In fact, he’s known to be the jolliest pooch in the world!

Back in 2016, an adorable pup caught the eye of Jennifer Osborne while she was browsing a pet store. This furry friend, named Moose, had a unique appearance with a permanent smile and an adorable underbite. However, upon further investigation, Jennifer found that Moose’s distinctive look was not just due to his breed. Moose had a medical condition that caused him to be born with missing parts of his brain, resulting in an underbite, crooked nose, and deformed skull. Jennifer shared with Metro that this condition likely occurred while Moose was still in the womb. Despite his challenges, Moose remains an endearing and beloved companion to his owner.

As soon as Jennifer laid eyes on the adorable canine, she knew that her heart had found a new friend. She was also deeply concerned that Moose’s medical conditions might mean that he would be put down if he ended up in the wrong hands. To prevent this from happening, she decided to adopt him and give him a safe and loving home. Nevertheless, Jennifer was aware that taking care of Moose would come with its own set of challenges. His medical issues demanded a lot of attention, particularly his bouts of seizures. These seizures affected his body and brain, causing him to shake uncontrollably and froth at the mouth, according to Jennifer.

After conducting an MRI on Moose, the veterinarian discovered shocking medical issues. Sadly, Moose was missing his forehead and sinuses, and a cyst was found where parts of his brain should have been. Although Moose’s neurologist had never seen a case like his before, the good news was that the rest of his brain was functioning normally. On Instagram, Jennifer shared that Moose would suffer from seizures for the rest of his life, but medication could manage them, and it wouldn’t affect his lifespan.

Jennifer is prepared to tackle any obstacles that come her way in the future, and she remains grateful for the presence of Moose in her life. Despite the hardships they have faced, Moose is a cheerful and playful dog. According to Metro, Jennifer expressed her gratitude for Moose’s survival given the difficulties he has encountered. He is truly a remarkable animal. Moose seems to live each day with a grin on his face, as though he appreciates every moment he has to be alive. Jennifer described him as an amazing blessing in her life, claiming that he is the happiest dog she has ever met. She is grateful to have him as her loyal companion.

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