Abandoned Dog Who Was Tied To A Fence With A Shoestring Finally Gets Help

Being an indirect act of animal cruelty, dog abandonment is one of the biggest issues related to domestic canines.

Scared and alone, abandoned doggos are sentenced to terrible circumstances… and what’s even worse – many of these canines don’t make it on their own.

A dog tied to a fence with a shoestring was spotted near a public dumpster in Missouri, fending for himself. A kind woman saw the dog shivering and looking with his sad eyes for someone to help him, but all he was getting in return was ignorance…

Scared And In Urgent Need Of A Loving Home

Source: Stray Rescue of St. Louis

The woman, who was taking out the trash at the time, didn’t want to let the abandoned puppy down, so she called Stray Rescue of Saint Louis for help and sat with the puppy until help arrived.

Source: Stray Rescue of St. Louis

No one knew exactly how the puppy ended up sitting on an old couch near a public dumpster – clearly abandoned by his family, but he was evidently shocked and had just the saddest eyes ever!

He trembled with despair until a giant-hearted woman showered him with a little bit of attention and kindness.

SRST To The Rescue

Source: Stray Rescue of St. Louis

After the call, the SRST team arrived at the spot to pick up the puppy, who was later (symbolically) named Shoestring!

Natalie Thompson, one of the members of the SRST staff, said that the puppy was nervous when they first saw him, and he definitely needed a gentler approach!

Source: Stray Rescue of St. Louis

Still, Shoestring, with all the nervousness and fear around, couldn’t hide what he truly was – the sweetest lovebug ever!

“A sweet lady found him and stayed with him until we arrived. We named him….Shoestring. He’s scared (rightfully so!) but VERY sweet,” the SRST team wrote on their official Facebook.

The Lovebug With Just The Saddest Eyes Ever

Source: Stray Rescue of St. Louis

Soon after he was taken into the facility, Shoestring was given food and he was subjected to a vet exam. On top of all that, this little, sad-eyed lovebug was showered with tons of love by the team!

It was as if he soon forgot all about his bad days and started cuddling up to everyone who gave him a little time and love. He just loved settling into the comforting arms of the volunteers! And, his eyes – boi, do they melt hearts!

Due to the lack of capacity in the facility, the SRST team sent Shoestring to a foster home where he received all the love and care he needed so much! The idea was to wait until he was ready to be neutered to put him up for adoption.

The SRST team had only one requirement for his future pawrents – that the potential adopters already have a playful canine so Shoestring can exercise his full potential around him!

He’s just into all dogs and people, but he really seems like he could be a wonderful sibling, so his caregivers didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity of finding him a decent home!

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