Adventurous Duo: Husky the Travel Enthusiast Explores the World with His Father, Delighting in the Joy of Observing Live Birds

Dog mixes never cease to amaze us humans. They are cuteness overload! Their appearance and personality make us fall in love with these furry dogs. Loki the arctic wolf, the husky and malamute mix in this story is no different. He is a beautiful giant dog who loves to accompany his father on adventures.

Image credit: loki_the_wolfdog

Image credit: loki_the_wolfdog

Loki has energetic and playful vibes that bring lots of smiles and fun to the people around him. He loves his dad and follows in his footsteps during his adventures. The big boy shows that he is a perfect companion and cannot hide the happiness on his face. Let’s enjoy the exciting time outdoors, guys!

Image credit: loki_the_wolfdog

Loki’s father, Kelly, is an outdoor adventure professional. He considers his wolfdog a trusted friend. That’s why he takes Kelly everywhere he goes. He loves to travel and explore and so does his furry friend.

Image credit: loki_the_wolfdog

Image credit: loki_the_wolfdog

The couple gets a lot of fun and memories during the trips. They never stop taking photos together. When Kelly shares these images on Instagram of Loki, they have millions of likes around the world. The Wolfdog now has over 2 million followers and counting.

Let’s see amazing photos of Loki and his owner below!

Image credit: loki_the_wolfdog

Image credit: loki_the_wolfdog

Image credit: loki_the_wolfdog

Image credit: loki_the_wolfdog

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