“Aging Feline Transforms Into Marble-Like Beauty: Unique Skin Condition Suspected as Cause”

In 1997, a man named David purchased a black cat, unaware that one day its fur would develop a marbled pattern. According to David, he wasn’t sure if Scrappy, as he named the cat, would be considered as cute as his siblings, but he chose him anyway. Over time, Scrappy’s coat began to turn white when he was seven years old. Experts believe that this is due to vitiligo, a genetic mutation that rarely occurs in felines. Despite Scrappy’s age, he still enjoys roughhousing with the neighborhood cats and has earned himself the title of street ruler. Although Scrappy can be quite grumpy at times, his owner adores him and finds him to be very affectionate. David is the only one allowed to rub Scrappy’s belly, and many people envy his beautiful and majestic pet.


Even though he had an adorable appearance, we doubted that he would be considered as cute as his brothers and sisters by other people.


I chose to take Scrappy with me because I had a feeling that he would be left behind if no one else wanted him.


When my feline friend turned 7, I noticed that her once-black coat began to turn white. After some research, I discovered that it may be due to vitiligo, a skin condition.


The feline’s well-being remains unaffected despite the situation, and the elderly cat, who is 19 years old, is still going strong!


That’s the source of his name – “Even though he’s old, he scavenges with the local cats…”


“Perhaps one could argue that he’s the king of the block.”


Scrappy is quite the character! He can be a bit of a diva at times, especially when it comes to taking photos. Unfortunately, he doesn’t always cooperate and tends to look in any direction except towards the camera.


There are instances where he tends to get a bit moody and irritable.


My feline companion tends to disrupt my sleep cycle with his constant meowing. Without warning, he will loudly demand to be allowed outside, regardless of the time.

19-Year-Old Black Cat Turns Into A Marble Beauty, Most Likely Due To A Rare Skin Condition

Despite everything, the man loves his furry friend and claims that Scrappy shows a lot of love towards him.


Scrappy loves it when the man rubs his belly. It seems that nobody else has this privilege.


It’s hard not to envy the stunning appearance of the “nordic god” cat, even if they seem a bit grumpy.


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