Animal lovers will be captivated by Winter Warrior: Dog’s Amazing Journey of Endurance and Survival.

The Saint Bernard known as the “Old Lady” had experienced many challenges throughout her life. She was rescued from a puppy mill by the Rough Start Rescue organization and taken to a foster home where she could finally begin to live a better life. Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse when she mysteriously disappeared into the cold, wintry woods, putting herself in danger once again.

The elderly dog, Old Lady, was extremely nervous as a result of her past traumatic experiences. Upon exiting her new foster parent’s vehicle, she became unexpectedly frightened and bolted away in terror. She fled into the woods, leaving her chances of survival in the frigid temperatures looking grim. Unfortunately, due to a recent shave, Old Lady lacked the protective coat of fur needed to keep her warm during the harsh winter conditions.

Despite the strenuous search operation, Old Lady remained elusive and could not be caught for days. The scared dog kept herself hidden and avoided any chances of being rescued. Given her fragile condition, it seemed improbable for her to survive even a few days in the wilderness, let alone weeks without food and shelter. As time passed, the hope of finding her alive began to fade away.

The elderly canine proved to be stronger and more resilient than initially anticipated. Despite being alone and exposed to the elements, she refused to succumb to death. It’s possible that she realized she deserved a chance to live out her remaining years in a caring environment, which motivated her to stay alive. After 17 arduous days, the Sherburne County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a dog tied up in the forest, leading to her eventual rescue.

Ruff Start Rescue recently shared a heartwarming story with their Facebook followers. It was about Old Lady, who had an unfortunate mishap while on a walk and got her leash tangled up in some trees. Understandably, she was very scared and it took some gentle coaxing to free her from the tree. After they rescued Old Lady, she needed some time to recover from the incident. However, just a few days later, she was all set to go home with her new foster mom.

Ruff Start Rescue shared a delightful update on their Facebook page, expressing their joy at finding Old Lady safe and sound. The organization also made sure to mention they took extra precautions while rescuing her by having two handlers, two leashes, a slip lead, harness, and martingale collar on her. They credited The Retrievers for their assistance in locating the lost canine and expressed their gratitude towards everyone who helped spread the word to bring attention to the situation. Ruff Start Rescue recognized that the exposure was the key factor in making this rescue mission possible.

At last, the days of struggle for the Old Lady are over, and she can unwind in the comfort of her new abode. Her safety is guaranteed, and she can enjoy the rest of her life with love and care surrounding her.

On a recent Friday, Audra Petraškienė had an unexpected interruption during her drive through a quaint Lithuanian town.

Audra spotted a dog trembling with cold and soaked to the bone, its neck weighed down by a big metal anchor.

After rescuing a helpless puppy from drowning, she brought it back to her home and shared the traumatic incident on her Facebook page.

The article quickly gained immense popularity as individuals were left flabbergasted that an individual could carry out such a cruel act towards a canine.

Fortunately, the little dog seemed to be okay and had not suffered any harm.

Audra made a decision to report the incident to the police as well.

The owner of the dog was eventually located, but the identity of the culprit responsible for harming the animal remains unknown. Additionally, it is uncertain whether the owner could have taken any measures to prevent the incident from occurring.

Audra made the decision to temporarily place her furry companion in an animal shelter until things were sorted out.

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