Belgian Malinois, Eva, Saves Her Hooman From A Mountain Lion Attack

Belgian Malinois, Eva, Saves Her Hooman From A Mountain Lion Attack

We all know Belgian Malionis canines as brave, highly intelligent, and loyal, but even such brilliant dogs never cease to amaze us! Eva, the two-year-old Belgian girl, shows us a whole new level of loyalty with her amazing reaction to a mountain lion attacking her owner on a hike.

Putting her life on the line without hesitation, Eva once again proved that dogs are the greatest pets that we could possibly have!

Check out her story!

Eva Jumped To Save Erin Without Hesitation

Belgian Malinois lies hurt on a pink blanket
source: @eva_the_mal

When Erin Wilson went hiking with her family dog, Eva, along the Trinity river in Northwestern California, she could never in her wildest dreams imagine that she would have to fight a mountain lion!

The wild beast jumped in front of her, scratching her shoulder. She instinctively screamed in shock, and that’s when her loyal Belgian Malinois girl, Eva, stepped in!

Belgian Malinois hurt eating from a bowl
source: @eva_the_mal

Eva bravely jumped on the mountain lion despite the fact that the wild animal was twice her size. The two grappled as Erin ran to get a tire iron and help Eva. She started beating the predator with it, but everything seemed like a lost cause.

The cat latched onto Eva’s head and punctured her skull with long, sharp teeth. Fortunately, a couple of passing motorists came to the rescue and fought off the lion with pepper spray.

Severe Wounds On Her Skull

Eva was severely injured and her blood was everywhere. She convulsed during the drive to the hospital due to skull fractures and a punctured sinus cavity. This brave dog was seriously injured during the fight and her life was in danger.

She was admitted by the Redding hospital in the Shasta Cascade region of Northern California. Eva, being a strong dog, somehow pulled through. Still, she needed a long recovery, which is why Erin started a fundraiser to cover the medical bills for her heroic girl.

Eva was heavily sedated for several days as the pressure in her skull was still high and the swelling around her eyes impeded her vision.

The Brave Girl Passed Away, But Her Memory Still Lives On

Belgian Malinois takes a picture with a girl in the car
source: @eva_the_mal

For some time after the medical treatment, Eva felt better. She came home and started performing her normal activities. She even went for regular walks with Erin, not displaying any sign of weakness.

But then, the one thing that Erin was afraid of happened! Overnight, Eva had sudden seizures and her condition deteriorated.

She fell into a deep coma and had no response to any stimuli. Sadly, her body was too weak to fight this battle, and just a couple of hours later, Eva passed away.

Erin was devastated when she realized that her brave girl was gone.

“This world is not fair. It is cruel. This wasn’t supposed to happen. Our baby is gone and now we have no one come and be held with us. We don’t have our kisses. I don’t have my girls incredibly soft fur. She was so delicate. So dainty,” she wrote on her Instagram.

Belgian Malinois is lying on the bed
source: @eva_the_mal

Despite her sudden death, Eva will be remembered for her bravery forever. She was Erin’s angel guardian who saved her life in every way possible. You will be remembered, good girl!

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