Dub Hub: Chris Paul is having ‘fun’ playing alongside the Splash Brothers

Warriors News:

Chris Paul explains why he’s having fun with Steph Curry and Klay Thompson as teammates

Steph Curry on Chris Paul’s performance vs. Rockets: “It was a masterclass”

Klay’s breakout allows Warriors to avoid home embarrassment | NBC Sports Bay Area

Five Warriors players scored in double figures, led by Stephen Curry’s game-high 32 points. Behind Thompson 20 were Dario Saric with 18, Paul with 15 and Andrew Wiggins with 12.

Undoubtedly weary of the doom narratives and eating Ls, the vets took the floor with a purpose – no one more than Klay, whose wretched start has made him the target of most of the groaning.

“Klay was much more patient offensively,” Kerr said. “He took a couple bad shots early, where we had plenty of time on the shot clock. Everybody keeps telling, ‘If you just move it, you’re going to get it back.’ And that’s what happened. He was a lot more patient, and the quality of his shots was much better.”

Curry extends NBA 3-point shooting record as Warriors top Rockets 121-116 | AP News

Already the league’s all-time leader in made 3-pointers, Curry is the first player in league history to have four or more in each of his first 13 games to start a season. The nine-time All-Star and two-time MVP was 8 of 14 from the floor and 5 of 9 beyond the arc.

It’s Curry’s seventh game this season with 30 or more points, and 10th with at least 25.

Hollinger: For win-now teams such as Warriors, Wolves and Clippers, it’s prove-it time | The Athletic

The Warriors have an obvious luxury-tax cheat code in their pocket because they can waive Chris Paul’s non-guaranteed deal after the season, but even that presumes the rest of the still-pricey roster is worth keeping together.

Said presumption is taking a serious beating. Most notably, the notion that a 33-year-old Klay Thompson would warrant a contract extension is worth questioning; he’s sporting an 8.9 PER on 52.0 percent true shooting, with a career-high turnover rate. Amazingly, he hasn’t been their worst starter (take a bow, Andrew Wiggins). Meanwhile, the increasingly volatile Draymond Green has played in seven of a possible 14 fourth quarters; he was either ejected, suspended or injured in the rest of them. Stephen Curry’s brilliance and a rebuilt bench are the only thing keeping this team afloat, but the parts that make this team so expensive have all been disastrously bad. Even Curry will be 36 in March. It may be time to start asking some difficult questions.

Klay Thompson: “Anytime Chris Paul speaks, you must listen”

NBA News:

Nuggets’ Nikola Jokic, Michael Malone ejected vs. Pistons | ESPN

Jokic received his first technical for arguing a call in the first quarter. Malone was ejected for going onto the court to dispute a call late in the period. The two-time MVP was tossed after arguing another call with 1:22 left in the first half.

“I think Nikola was worried about my welfare,” Malone joked afterward. “It is tough to watch a game on TV — we were hugging on good plays and I was cursing in Serbian on the bad ones.”

The Athletic’s Shams Charania explains why the Sacramento Kings may be an underrated trade destination

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