Freed from Suffering: Timely Intervention Rescues Pup Trapped in Wire, Easing Pain with Compassionate Care, a Heartwarming Tale of Recovery.

Less than one week ago, in a rural area of Missouri, a stray pup had fencing wire wrapped around her; cutting deeply into her front and rear legs. Each time she took a step, the wire tightened; how she must have been in agony with every step.

It had to have been the best day of this dog’s life when Stray Rescue of St. Louis stepped in to help. Fortunately, transportation was quickly coordinated to bring her to the rescue; in rural areas, many veterinarian offices and local rescue organizations do not have the resources they need to help with these serious cases.

Although the local rescues do the best they can, it is often an uphill battle to afford the more serious cases; donations are down, yet the need for help has only increased.

Affectionately dubbed Picket, her wounds were very deep. She needed several drains and dozens of stitches to close up and clean her serious injuries. With expert care, however, it looked promising for her to keep her leg.

When Picket was examined, it was quite apparent she had not had the best of care. She was filthy, undernourished, in pain and completely exhausted. She has had numerous litters of puppies, and to make life even more difficult for this sweet dog, she is heartworm positive.

But what was not to fall in love with when Picket came to Stray Rescue of St. Louis? Her golden eyes sparkled with tiny brown specks, and without a doubt, Picket was grateful for the help and love she was already receiving.

And now just SIX days later, check her out:

Who knows how long this poor dog was out in the vast outdoors, all alone, dragging around fencing wire she got caught up in. With every step she took, the wire would tighten and it was cutting so deeply into her leg but she couldn’t free herself. Ugh, can you imagine?

BUT! She was found and saved. We named her Picket, stitched her up – under her armpit and on the front of her leg, and put drains in as the wounds were so deep. It’s been a little less than a week and look at her today! She’s putting weight on her leg, walking like a champ, and of course, can’t stop saying thank you!!

Picket is almost ready to go to her foster home, but even better, someone special adopting her would make this the best story of the week.

Whether they are from the city or from a rural area like where Picket came from, these are the animals who need us the most. Near or far, they are the animals who wouldn’t have a chance anywhere other than Stray Rescue.

Please continue to make it possible for this fine organization to keep their promise to them to do everything we can to save their lives.

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