Heartbreaking Loyalty: A Puppy’s Unwavering Devotion Beside His Brother’s Grave, Mourned by the Entire Town After a Tragic Accident.

Family will always be family, and not even death can break that unbreakable relationship. This is true not just for human relationships, but also for other species, and puppies are excellent instances of this precious tie.

This is demonstrated by this litter of puppies.

In Singapore, a furry named Teh-O is demonstrating that genuine love exists beyond of this world, and his story reveals his wonderful heart.

This dog is as handsome as it is intelligent and loving.

Teh-O lost one of his younger brothers, Kopi-O, on February 3, owing to injuries sustained when he was driven over by a taxi driver who fled.

The two-year-old brothers were well-liked by everyone in the Ubin neighborhood. Despite being carried to the hospital, the furry had received mortal injuries that caused him to cross the rainbow into the hereafter.

Kopi-O had become one of the guide dogs on the island.

Residents of the community were saddened by the puppy’s departure, so they decided to give the dog a proper burial beside its owners, Nini and Tua Tao.

They would not let the furry’s corpse be disposed in such a horrible manner.

Kopi-remains O’s is buried in a field surrounded by flowers and marked with a gravestone. His little brothers Teh-O and Teh-C attended the funeral as well as humans.

The three puppies were from the same litter and accustomed to do everything together, which is why the dog’s departure impacted his tiny brother Teh-O so profoundly.

Rest in peace, dear friend.

Terence Tan, a friend of the puppies’ owner, posted the story of these furry pets on Facebook. Messages of support have not stopped pouring in since he published his story on Kopi-death. O’s

“He was a really nice small dog, incredibly friendly, a true Ubin star,” one user commented.

“I remember him warmly; he accompanied my son till we boarded the ship returning from Ubin.” Lovely young man. “Rest in peace,” said another on Facebook.

The grieving that the noble Teh-O bears in his heart has moved the inhabitants of Ubin from sadness to wonder.

The puppy missed his little brother more than anyone.

This puppy hasn’t visited his brother’s cemetery yet this month. Neighbors had witnessed Teh-O laying on the ground next to his brother’s lifeless body.


The puppy seemed to miss him too much and refuses to accept his departure

If death was a painful blow for the inhabitants of this village, seeing the sorrow of the poor tiny animal that now cannot stop grieving for its small adventure buddy makes them much worse.

Kobi-O used to explore the island with both visitors and residents.

The guy who ran over Kobi-O was not recognized, so he is unlikely to face any penalty; nonetheless, if he is aware of this story, it will undoubtedly weigh on his mind that he did not stop to aid the puppy. Meanwhile, Teh-O tenderly cares for the dream from which his younger brother will never awaken.

Puppies are smarter and more sensitive than many people realize. Please share this touching story of brotherhood and give your intelligent sympathies to the furry one.

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