In Loyal Anticipation: The Tragic Account of a Dog Watching for the Return of Its Owner.

A concerned girl from Pokhrofskoy Richardalovsky, Ukraine, reached out to a local animal shelter via Facebook with a distressing message. She reported that near her home, an owner had left for a month, leaving behind two suffering dogs chained up.

The girl, named Xenia, detected a foul odor emanating from the house. Despite facing ridicule, Xenia was determined to help, but she eventually deleted her post.

The local shelter’s rescue team faced a challenging situation as they had no address or contact information. However, after viewing the heartbreaking photos, they were committed to locating and saving these two unfortunate pets.


After nearly three hours of traveling and questioning locals, they reached the house. They had to break the lock to gain access, and a putrid smell greeted them. Tragically, one of the dogs had not survived.

The other dog, a Labrador, was in dire condition, emaciated and severely ill from days of starvation. He cried profusely, and his tears continued to flow. He appeared deeply afraid and couldn’t bring himself to look at his rescuers.

They named this brave survivor “Boss.” Exhausted and weak, Boss was transported to a veterinarian for examination and received a blood transfusion. The dedicated veterinary team provided him with care and attention.

Boss displayed a remarkable appetite and began to eat well, showcasing his resilience and intelligence. With each passing day, Boss showed improvement. He was eventually moved to a temporary foster home, eagerly awaiting a loving forever family.

A heartwarming turn of events occurred when a family in Kiev decided to adopt Boss. His incredible journey to happiness had begun.

Now, we eagerly anticipate witnessing Boss’s joyful days ahead. He is a beautiful and loving dog who adores his new family.

“We are immensely grateful to his new family. We will always cherish you, Boss,” said the rescuers, filled with gratitude for Boss’s new lease on life.

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