Introducing Pisco, the charming feline doppelganger of Puss in Boots

puss in boots doppleganger @pisco_cat/Splitpics UK

Meet Pisco, the adorable golden British shorthair with ginger-tinged fur and giant eyes that resemble the iconic Puss in Boots from Shrek 2. He has perfected the classic “please give me treats” expression, which can be seen on his Instagram account where he has amassed over 600,000 followers. Despite his cuteness, it is impressive that his owner doesn’t spoil him with treats all day long. However, Pisco does receive plenty of cuddles as he loves to snuggle up, unlike the typical aloof cat stereotype. It’s hard not to fall in love with this charming feline influencer.

Pisco the golden british shorthair

Pisco, a famous cat on Instagram with over 600,000 followers, wasn’t always the cuddly bear he is today. His owner shared in an Instagram Q&A that he used to be quite skittish and didn’t like being touched or held at all. However, his owners would show him love every day without forcing him to cuddle or grab him. Over time, Pisco’s confidence grew, and he became more curious, eventually turning into the super teddy bear he is today. Now living in New York, Pisco enjoys a luxurious life filled with toys and attention. Fortunately, he loves posing for pictures, so everyone can appreciate his beauty.

Pisco, the Golden British Shorthair

Pisco the cat resides in the Big Apple with his human companions (Image: @pisco_cat/Splitpics UK).

pisco the golden shorthair

Wow, check out that super fluffy cat! (Image credit: @pisco_cat/Splitpics UK)

pisco the cat

The furry feline, who was taken in at a tender age of four months, currently enjoys a lavish lifestyle complete with all the goodies and playthings that he desires. (Photograph: @pisco_cat/Splitpics UK)

pisco the cat doing his puss in boots expression

It seems that he enjoys snuggling up close (Image: @pisco_cat/Splitpics UK)

pisco the cat

This person is definitely skilled at posing for the camera. They seem to know exactly how to work it! (Image credit: @pisco_cat/Splitpics UK)

pisco the cat yawning

You absolutely cannot miss out on following him! (Image: @pisco_cat/Splitpics UK)

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