“Meet Tihon: The Maine Coon Cat Who Loves to Cuddle and Shower Affection”

tihon the giant maine coon cat

Meet this adorable fluffy cat who belongs to the Maine Coon breed, famous for their massive size. Samson holds the title of the world’s largest cat and is also a part of this breed. Even though this cute kitten is only six months old, he’s already bigger than your regular domestic cat. However, don’t let his gigantic presence intimidate you as he loves to snuggle with his owner. Although it might be a bit of a struggle for her to carry him around on her shoulder due to his massive size!

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Ever since Tihon was adopted and found a new family, he has become incredibly attached to his owner. He loves nothing more than to curl up in their arms and be held like a baby, instead of being left all alone in a basket. His owner has mentioned that Tihon is always following them around, even into the bathroom, showing his distaste for being separated from his human companion. It’s clear that Tihon has a strong need for physical closeness and craves constant attention from his beloved owner.

26 Beautiful White Maine Coon Cats (Instagram Famous)

Each day, Tihon eagerly anticipates his family’s arrival at the entrance. When they open the door, he joyfully jumps into their arms to greet them. Although he is large in size, Tihon is remarkably silent, which perfectly aligns with his name, as it means “quiet” in Russian. He doesn’t cause any trouble as long as he sticks close to his adoring owners.

What is a Maine Coon Cat? – petsKB

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