Mexicans panicked when they discovered an unidentified flying object hovering over tall buildings. (VIDEO)

On August 24th, 1954, numerous eyewitnesses reported seeing several mysterious oval-shaped craft above the same river in Vernon, a small town outside of Paris. The crafts traveled at great speeds before suddenly vanishing into thin air. This event marked the first of more than 300 UFO incidents that would take place in France that year.

Journalist Amy Michelle studied the flight paths of many of these accounts and made an astonishing observation – all these UFO sightings appeared to move in dead straight lines, often crisscrossing. As he kept getting reports coming in and kept plotting them, he kept finding the same system happening, the same lines, and the same movements of these UFOs. In 1958, Michelle published his research in a book called “Flying Saucers and the Straight Line Mystery,” which introduced a principle he called orthotny. This principle held that clusters of UFO activity over a short period of time usually occur along straight lines that often intersect.

Michelle started to realize that there seemed to be a pattern in where these objects were appearing and also their flight paths. He saw that they actually use specific lines which he felt were connected with the magnetic forces of the Earth.


He noticed that these UFOs are traveling in straight lines using latitudes and that in fact, this can be extrapolated into an entire grid that encapsulates the entire planet. Could it be possible that Amy Michelle successfully identified a grid pattern across the Earth of highly magnetized regions that have come to be known as UFO hot spots?

Ancient astronaut theorists believe that further clues can be found by examining an area that has become notorious for mysterious phenomena and strange disappearances – the Bermuda Triangle. It is an irrefutable fact that planes and ships of various sizes have disappeared without a trace within this infamous 500,000 square mile stretch of the Atlantic Ocean. According to Scottish biologist and paranormal researcher Ivan T Sanderson, the Bermuda Triangle is just one of a strange and disturbing kind of UFO hotspot that he described as the world’s 12 vile vortices.

Sanderson was able to identify certain spots like the Bermuda Triangle, the Dragon’s Triangle, and other huge monument areas where activity was going on – disappearing ships and airplanes, UFO activity, lights, and unusual phenomena that were occurring constantly. In his 1972 article entitled “The 12 Devil’s Graveyards Around the World,” Sanderson mapped these sites at equidistant points above and below the equator and discovered they formed a mysterious geometrical pattern on the Earth’s surface. There are 12 of these hotspots across the globe – five of them are within the Tropic of Cancer, five within the Tropic of Capricorn, and the other two at the North Pole and the South Pole.

What’s interesting is that if you connect all of these through the sphere of our globe, they make an icosagon or a 20-sided polygon. This shows us how all of these hotspots are connected to each other. The hotspot sites Sanderson identified share more than just a unique history and geometry – many of these so-called vile vortices have strong magnetic anomalies caused by variations or disturbances in the Earth’s magnetic field. Our entire Earth is one gigantic battery, and it is possible that extraterrestrials use it to power their exotic devices to get here and leave.

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